Shaheera Khan

Shaheera Khan

Born and raised in South Africa, Shaheera Khan brings a unique perspective and diverse skill set to her role as a Legal Assistant at Goldstein Immigration Lawyers. Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) Degree from the University of South Africa, she combines her studies with over four years of experience in the legal industry.

With a focus on legislative research and customer support, Shaheera has developed a deep understanding of legal processes and a strong commitment to assisting clients. In September 2022, she joined our team, taking on various administrative tasks and providing ongoing support to clients navigating the immigration process.

Shaheera’s passion for working in immigration law stems from her genuine desire to help and understand clients from different backgrounds and walks of life. Her empathetic nature allows her to connect with clients on a personal level and provide the necessary support they need during their immigration journey.

Shaheera Khan - Customer Success Agent - Immigration Delay Litigation
Shaheera Khan Customer Success Agent - Immigration Delay Litigation

As a Customer Success Agent for the Immigration Delay Team, Shaheera is dedicated to ensuring the success and satisfaction of our clients. She goes above and beyond to address their concerns, answer their questions, and provide guidance every step of the way.