Ihioma Emmanuel

Ihioma Emmanuel

Ihioma Emmanuel is an exceptional Legal Assistant who plays a vital role in the Immigration Delay Litigation team at Goldstein Immigration Lawyers since January 2023. With five years of experience in administrative capacities, Ihioma brings a wealth of expertise and dedication to her role.

As a Legal Assistant at Goldstein Immigration Lawyers, Ihioma is known for her strong work ethic, goal-oriented mindset, and unwavering dedication. She takes pride in being a valuable member of the productive Goldstein team, contributing to the firm’s success.

Ihioma’s commitment to helping clients stems from her profound understanding of the challenges that individuals and families face due to immigration delays. She empathizes with their struggles and is driven to provide them with the support and assistance they need throughout the legal process.

Ihioma Emmanuel - Legal Assistant - Immigration Delay Litigation
Ihioma Emmanuel Legal Assistant - Immigration Delay Litigation

In addition to her professional experience, Ihioma holds an MSc in Political Science, specializing in public administration. She also obtained a BSc in Political Science and Government, focusing on public policy and its impact on social development. This academic background fuels her passion for understanding the intricacies of public policy and how it shapes society, making her an excellent fit for Goldstein Immigration Lawyers.