Sakhile Mgobhozi

Sakhile Mgobhozi

Sakhile Mgobhozi is a Legal Assistant for the Immigration Delay Litigation team at Goldstein Immigration Lawyers, joined our firm in August 2022. With a Bachelor of Social Science degree majoring in Marketing, Cultural Studies & Media from the University of Kwazulu-Natal in South Africa, Sakhile brings a unique blend of skills to support our clients.

Having gained over four years of experience in the customer service industry, serving both corporate and personal clients, Sakhile understands the importance of engaging with clients and providing the necessary assistance to help them achieve their desired goals. Whether it’s handling administrative duties, filing lawsuits, or offering customer service and support, Sakhile is dedicated to delivering excellent service.

Sakhile’s educational background in marketing, cultural studies, and media allows for a holistic understanding of clients’ diverse needs and perspectives. By engaging with clients on a personal level, Sakhile strives to provide the best possible assistance and support throughout their immigration journey.

Sakhile Mgobhozi - Legal Assistant - Immigration Delay Litigation
Sakhile Mgobhozi Legal Assistant - Immigration Delay Litigation

Beyond his professional endeavors, Sakhile is a strong advocate for positivity and embracing each moment to its fullest. This optimistic outlook translates into his work, where he approaches challenges with determination and a solution-oriented mindset.