Belen Sanzio

Belen Sanzio

Belén Sanzio is a member of the Immigration Delay Litigation team at Goldstein Immigration Lawyers, serving as a Legal Assistant. Joining the team in October 2022, Belén brings a unique blend of skills and experiences to her role.

Having graduated with a degree in Psychology in 2015, Belén possesses a deep understanding of human behavior and the ability to provide empathetic support to individuals navigating challenging circumstances. Her background in psychology equips her with the necessary skills to assist clients with compassion and sensitivity during their immigration journey.

Belén’s passion for helping others extends beyond her professional life. She has dedicated significant time and effort to studying English and immersing herself in different cultures while traveling the world. These experiences have broadened her perspective and equipped her with a multicultural understanding that greatly benefits her work as a Legal Assistant.

Belen Sanzio - Legal Assistant - Immigration Delay Litigation
Belen Sanzio Legal Assistant - Immigration Delay Litigation

Motivated by her genuine desire to make a positive impact, Belén wholeheartedly devotes her efforts to assisting those in need. Her unwavering dedication and commitment to helping others serve as the driving force behind her work. Whether it’s providing guidance, offering support, or ensuring clients’ needs are met, Belén’s passion shines through in every aspect of her role.