Juni du Preez

Juni du Preez

Juni du Preez is the Tech and Business Development Manager at Goldstein Immigration Lawyers.

Before working as a development manager, Juni was the Case Manager for the Immigration Delay Litigation team at Goldstein Immigration Lawyers. She joined the team in February 2021 and quickly became an instrumental member, helping clients navigate the complex and often frustrating process of filing a lawsuit. Her empathetic and patient approach, coupled with her extensive knowledge of the immigration system, helped many clients overcome the anxiety and frustration of immigration delay.

In addition to her case management duties, Juni was also deeply involved in developing and building the technology used by her team and other departments within the firm. She worked with Josh Goldstein on Writ of Mandamus litigation, which involves filing a lawsuit against a government agency to force it to act on a pending application or petition.

Juni du Preez - Tech and Business Development Manager - IT Department Goldstein Immigration Lawyers
Juni du Preez Tech and Business Development Manager - IT Department

Juni’s background in traveling to more than 70 countries for work and leisure has given her a unique insight into the immigration experience. Her diverse work environment, exposure to various cultures and nationalities, and experience in overcoming immigration hurdles for work and travel have given her a deep understanding of the challenges and difficulties that immigrants face.

Juni’s dedication, commitment, and unique insight make her an invaluable member of the Goldstein Immigration Lawyers team. She not only assists clients but also helps innovate and make the immigration process more efficient for everyone involved. In her new role as the Tech and Business Development Manager, Juni is working on multiple projects to ensure the firm continues to provide exceptional services to its clients while optimizing its operations.