Mads Samartino

Mads Samartino

Mads Samartino is a valued member of the Immigration Delay Litigation team at Goldstein Immigration Lawyers, serving as a dedicated Legal Assistant since February 2022. With a passion for assisting clients in resolving case delays, Mads builds genuine personal connections and maintains a positive mindset throughout the process.

Drawing from her background in customer service, Mads excels in connecting with clients and gaining a comprehensive understanding of their unique circumstances. She goes beyond the surface to grasp the bigger picture, ensuring that she provides the most effective assistance tailored to their needs.

As a half-Indian and half-Filipina who grew up in the Philippines, Mads has firsthand experience with the richness and diversity of two unique cultures. This background fuels her drive to help immigrants unite and pursue the life they have always dreamed of in a new country. Mads understands the challenges they face, and she is dedicated to guiding them through the complexities of the immigration process.

Mads Samartino - Legal Assistant - Immigration Delay Litigation
Mads Samartino Legal Assistant - Immigration Delay Litigation

Mads’ ability to forge personal connections, coupled with her multicultural perspective, sets her apart as an empathetic and effective Legal Assistant. Her commitment to understanding clients’ needs and aspirations allows her to provide valuable support in their immigration journey.

At Goldstein Immigration Lawyers, Mads plays an integral role in the Immigration Delay Litigation team, using her expertise and cultural understanding to make a meaningful difference in the lives of clients. Her positive attitude, customer service experience, and multicultural background contribute to the firm’s mission of helping individuals and families navigate the immigration system with confidence and success.