Katty Dueñas

Katty Dueñas

As an Intake Specialist at Goldstein Immigration Lawyers, Katty Dueñas plays a critical role in helping prospective clients initiate their immigration cases. Katty brings a wealth of experience and a passion for language to her role, as she is just about to complete her degree in translation.

Katty’s background and dedication to her work have made her a valuable addition to the Goldstein Immigration Lawyers team. She is committed to helping people navigate the complex immigration system and is passionate about advocating for the rights of immigrants.

Katty has quickly established herself as a skilled and empathetic intake specialist, making sure that clients feel heard and understood as they embark on their immigration journeys. She has an excellent understanding of the immigration process and the various challenges that immigrants face, and she is committed to using her knowledge and skills to make a positive impact on the lives of her clients.

Katty Dueñas - Intake Specialist - Intake and Sales Team
Katty Dueñas Intake Specialist - Intake and Sales Team

As she continues to grow and develop in her role, Katty is eager to take on new challenges and help more people in their immigration journeys. Her dedication, commitment, and expertise make her a valuable member of the Goldstein Immigration Lawyers team, and she is excited to contribute to the firm’s mission of helping immigrants achieve their dreams.