Mandamus Quick Visa Processing: Approved in Just 6 Hours!

Every day, we hear from clients who have been patiently waiting for months or even years, hoping for quick visa processing. We understand the frustration and uncertainty that comes with such a long waiting time for the visa application process

Waiting for news that could change your life and your loved ones' lives can be really tough. We understand how you might be feeling with all the ups and downs. Just know that we're here for you, ready to give you the support and guidance you need through it all.

We want to share an incredible immigration success story that will inspire you! Let's explore Azam's journey through the highs and lows of the immigration process. It's a story of courage, determination to overcome obstacles, and the followed happy family reunification. Take a seat, relax, and get ready to dive into this uplifting tale of triumph!

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Initial Frustrations: Unreasonable Visa Delay

Azam recalled: 

"We were a bit frustrated with the immigration process. We kept waiting and waiting. And every time we would send them emails or contact them, they just kept telling us, 'You just keep waiting and waiting and, you know, we'll get to it eventually.”

Azam and his family faced tremendous frustration navigating the immigration system. Despite their continuous attempts to communicate through emails and phone calls, they received only one response: "Just keep waiting." It seemed as if they were trapped in an endless cycle with no solution in sight. 

They longed for a way to expedite their visa approval through quick visa processing, hoping to escape the uncertainty and prolonged waiting.

Taking a Step Towards Mandamus Case Resolution

Azam recalled: 

"At a certain point, my wife's like, 'What should we do?' I'm like, 'We have to find an attorney. That's it. There's no other way.”

Azam vividly recalled a moment when his wife raised a question. Despite their worries, they realized that pursuing a lawsuit was their sole choice, and they felt compelled to proceed. They knew that getting legal support for immigration was needed to speed up the visa approval process and get quick visa processing.

The Amazing 6-Hour Game-Changer

Azam recalled: 

"I was really surprised, like, as soon as we filed a lawsuit, I sent them an email, like, trying to get information. And I think it was six hours after we filed the lawsuit, they said, 'Oh, your visa's been approved.”

Azam recalled the unexpected sequence of events: just six hours after submitting the lawsuit, he reached out via email to inquire about updates, only to uncover that the visa had been approved and was already undergoing processing. 

His brave choice to start a lawsuit made a big difference, resulting in swift visa processing and the resolution of the administrative processing delay.

Understanding Quick Visa Processing & Mandamus Unpredictability

Mandamus can be quite unpredictable. Here are some key points to understand concerning quick visa processing and the unpredictable variables that may influence the success of your mandamus lawsuit:

  • Most importantly, you must remember that every situation is unique to personal circumstances. Mandamus lawsuit success depends greatly on the specific details of your case. 
  • To improve your chances of success, it’s crucial to consult with us and work with an experienced mandamus lawyer near Boston. 
  • The filing fee changes based on factors like the complexity of your immigration case and the location of the consulate. Our law firm gives you a clear, flat fee quote that covers all your immigration needs without any extra charges by the hour.
  • Typically, lead-to-action is taken within 30 to 60 days. The maximum mandamus petition process time is generally 90 days. 
  • During this time, the US embassy, consulate, or USCIS has to give their answer to the mandamus order in court.
  • The above statement is generally true, but exceptions can happen. Delays, mistakes, unusual situations, or required strategic legal extensions can happen. Also, the response might not always go to court directly but could be sent through other legal channels.
  • The writing of cases usually has a high immigration case success, with around 99% of them being resolved more quickly without going to court.
  • A Writ of Mandamus requires the government to act, but it doesn't always mean they'll grant approval.

Azam's case underwent super quick visa processing - his mother-in-law’s visa got approved in just six hours after filing the lawsuit. But that’s the extreme exception. Some cases can continue for months or even years because of all the paperwork, legal stuff, and delays. 

But sometimes, quick visa processing is possible, like what happened with Azam. Azam's story shows that sometimes you can get a quick and positive result, but it's not always like that. Azam’s triumph is a reminder of how unpredictable these lawsuits can be.

Discover Azam’s quick visa processing success story through mandamus. Get inspired to achieve victory and overcome delays with legal support!

Celebrating a Long-Awaited Reunion

Azam’s shared: 

"Our daughter wakes up in the morning and she just goes to grandma's room and knocks on the door. She hops on her bed and she just plays with her. And it's like, we're just having a great time right now.”

Azam's daughter happily wakes up, rushes to grandma's room, and plays joyfully. Grandma can finally spend precious time with her three-year-old granddaughter and with the family.

Words of Advice for Those Facing Similar Challenges

Azam’s advised:

“I tell them definitely, like, file a lawsuit. You know, just move forward with it.”

Azam strongly suggests considering legal action if your visa application is stuck, especially if you need quick processing. He understands how frustrating and uncertain things can be for you, and he's here to give you support and help.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you need immigration lawyer expertise. We can assist you in navigating through visa processing times in the immigration system and achieving a positive outcome.

Acknowledging Support Along the Way

Azam’s expression of gratitude:

"It's really, really means a lot. Thank you. Yeah. Just we're, we're so happy. We're like thrilled that she's finally here.”

Azam thanked Josh and his legal team for all the help and guidance and the following swift visa processing time with mandamus.

Looking Towards a Brighter Future

Azam reflects:

"We were just kind of like scared until she actually got here till I saw her at the airport. And it was at that point we were like, okay, this is real. She is here. And this is like, this actually worked.”

Now that Azam and his family have overcome their immigration challenges, they can anticipate a brighter future together. Congratulations to them on this significant achievement! Here's wishing them all the best as they embark on this new chapter of their lives.

Your Success Story Could Also Be Around the Corner!

Azam's story is a testament to the power of perseverance and the importance of seeking help when faced with immigration challenges. With the right resources on your side, you can also overcome immigration delays and any obstacle. 

Remember Azam's story and know that you’re not alone. You can get legal assistance for immigration by sharing your case with us. Don't hesitate to seek support and guidance to get the wheels in motion. The power of mandamus can offer solutions that might help you get your visa faster. 

With legal action for immigration, your family’s immigration victory story could be just around the corner!

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