5 Factors That May Affect Your Marriage Green Card Approval

We're pulling back the curtain to reveal the top 5 reasons US immigration might think your marriage is fake. Unfortunately, these 5 reasons might delay or sway immigration's decision regarding your marriage green card approval

But hey, it's not all bad news! In this blog post, we've got some awesome insider tips to help you beat these immigration approval challenges. Grab a seat and get ready to uncover the secrets to navigating marriage green card approvals with confidence. Let's jump in!

@joshisimmigration 🚫⚠️ 5 reasons why #immigration might think your marriage is fake: 1️⃣ Secret marriage: Keeping your union hush-hush from family and friends. 2️⃣ Children born during the marriage to someone else: Complicating the marital landscape. 3️⃣ Living separately while claiming the same address: A questionable arrangement. 4️⃣ BIG age gap, especially if the US woman is much older–that doesn't quite add up. 5️⃣ Discrepancies in education, status, or religion: Misalignments that draw attention. #visa, #marriagegreencard, #immigrationlawyer, #90dayfiance ♬ original sound - Josh Goldstein, Esq.

5 Factors Affecting Marriage Green Card Approvals

In this part, we're diving into what could cause delays or even rejection for your marriage green card approval. It's all about showing your marriage is real and making sure your backgrounds line up.

Explore the five crucial marriage green card approval factors impacting your marriage green card application. Discover real-life tips that may possibly help you to overcome delays and ensure success.

Factor 1: Keeping Your Marriage a Secret

Suppose you're head over heels in love, but for whatever reason, you decide to keep your marriage on the down-low. But here's the thing - secrets can cause immigration approval hurdles and don't stay hidden for long.

Some couples choose to tie the knot in a secret ceremony because they’re waiting for the perfect moment to share the news. Officials may ask why your marriage isn't publicly acknowledged when you apply for a marriage green card.

That's why it's crucial to be transparent from the get-go if you wish to get immigration marriage approval. Share your joy with your loved ones. Update your social media profiles and show immigration officials that your love is out in the open for all to see.

Discover the key factors influencing your marriage green card approval and find practical tips to possibly navigate these effectively.

Factor 2: Unexpected Additions to the Family

Life can throw us some curveballs, right? But honesty is always the best policy if you wish to get marriage green card approval. Take a deep breath and gather all the relevant supporting documents regarding your family history and custody arrangements. 

It might feel daunting, but trust us. Immigration officials appreciate strong marriage authenticity proof when considering marriage green card approvals. Consider reaching out to your ex-partner and ask them to provide affidavits confirming your family situation. 

Ask them to give you as many documents and information that may help with your marriage green card approval. It's all about painting a clear picture and showing that there are no hidden agendas or surprises lurking in the shadows.

Factor 3: Claiming to Live Together But Leading Separate Lives

Living apart but claiming to be joined at the hip on paper? We get it – life can be hectic, and sometimes, you might not spend every waking moment together. But consistency is key for marriage green card approvals. Think of it like building a puzzle – every piece needs to fit together seamlessly. 

Start by finding a shared residence where you both can live together full-time. It doesn't need to be fancy – just a cozy space where you can create new memories together. Then, gather evidence of your cohabitation.

We suggest staying on top of your immigration documentation requirements and ensuring thorough green card interview preparation. Get joint lease agreements, utility bills, and official correspondence addressed to both of you at the same address. It's all about showing immigration officials that you're in it for the long haul – together. 

Being apart because of work or other stuff can be tough on your relationship. But don't sweat it – there are ways to get marriage green card approval and prove your relationship is real. Keep in touch as much as possible through texts, calls, and video chats. 

Plan visits when you can to spend time together to overcome marriage approval doubts. Trust each other and understand that being apart is just temporary. It strengthens your case to get marriage green card approval and shows that you're both committed.

Factor 4: Bridging the Age Gap

Age is just a number, right? We couldn't agree more. A big age gap between couples applying for a marriage green card could cause concern during the approval process. It's like trying to explain why pineapple belongs on pizza – you might need to do a little convincing. 

Start by highlighting the unique connection between you and your spouse. Share your shared values, experiences, and dreams for the future. Then, gather evidence of your life together – bringing photos, travel itineraries, and shared hobbies.

5 Factors That May Affect Your Marriage Green Card Approval

Factor 5: Discrepancies Galore

Alright, let's address the elephant in the room – those glaring differences between you and your spouse. Maybe one of you is a total bookworm while the other prefers binge-watching Netflix. Or perhaps one of you is a gourmet chef while the other can barely boil water. 

It's all good – we're all unique in our own ways. It's crucial to show that these differences only strengthen your marriage-based green card bond if you wish to get for marriage green card approval. Be proactive in explaining these variations to immigration officials. 

Highlight the distinct strengths you both contribute to the relationship. These differences make your love story truly unique.

Let’s Guide You to Success

Feeling overwhelmed by these marriage green card approval immigration process challenges? We totally get it – navigating the immigration process can feel like a rollercoaster ride. For help with getting a spousal visa approved, talk to an immigration lawyer for guidance and advice. They can help you navigate the process successfully.

They can help you overcome immigration obstacles effectively. Book a free case evaluation with our experienced team today. They’ll provide an immigration lawyer consultation near you to help you tackle these obstacles – one step at a time.


We’ve prepared a list of frequently asked questions about marriage green card approvals that you may find helpful.

1. How much time does it usually take to get a green card after marriage?

For the most accurate and current information, it's a good idea to talk to an immigration lawyer. But generally, if your spouse has a green card and you live in the United States, it could take around 13.5–20.5 months to get your green card. If you're outside the U.S., it might take longer, about 29–40 months.

2. Is getting marriage green card approval difficult?

Getting a green card through marriage isn't as straightforward as it seems. It involves several requirements and steps that need to be followed meticulously. Failing to file your case correctly or to adhere to each step can lead to delays or, in the worst-case scenario, denial of your case.

3. What are the warning signs of a fake marriage for a green card?

The USCIS has pointed out some common "red flags" that might mean the marriage isn't genuine. These include big age gaps between spouses, really short marriages, totally different cultural backgrounds, or different addresses popping up online for the spouses.

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