Green Card Marriage: Guide to Proving a Real Relationship

When someone from another country marries a US citizen, they can get a green card marriage to stay in the United States permanently. Foreign nationals marrying an American or a permanent residence card holder is a common and direct way to get a green card through marriage and live and work in the United States.

However, it's not just about filling out a form – there are some challenges. Proving that your marriage is real is a big challenge because USCIS officers want to make sure it's a genuine relationship. 

Josh Goldstein and his team have successfully handled many fiancé(e) K-1 visas and marriage green cards for decades. Let’s explore the important things you should know about showing that your relationship is valid.

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Proving a Real Relationship: Two Primary Methods

Your application for a fiancé(e) visa or spousal visa will be rejected if you can't prove that your relationship is real. There are two main chances to show that your marriage is genuine: 

1. Required Documentation for Green Card Marriage 

When you apply, immigration officials will look at your documents (including the completion of original documentation form I-485). The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) says you need an I-130 petition to prove your relationship with your family member. 

The more documents you have, the better. Things like joint bank accounts, a joint lease (or proof of joint property ownership), and shared finances (tax returns or bank accounts). Living at the same address is highly helpful evidence.

2. The Green Card Marriage Interview

After applying, you'll have the green card marriage interview to prove your marriage is real. The questions can be found in a quick test by The New York Times.  

Usually, the couple can be in the green card interview together. But if officers think something is wrong, they might have separate interviews. For more help, talk to an immigration lawyer. They can give you detailed advice and interview preparation tips.

Real World Tip: Bring Your House Keys

Showing you live together is super important. In a recent interview in Los Angeles with USCIS, the immigration official even asked to see the clients' house keys! It's kinda quirky, but it shows what they're looking for. Here's what you should keep in mind before you go to your green card marriage interview:

  • Know Each Other Well: They wanna make sure you two really know each other. They might ask questions to see if you're on the same page about your lives.
  • Tell Consistent Stories: Immigration officials want to hear the same story from both of you. They don't want any contradictions or mixed-up details.
  • Live Together: Showing you share a home is key. They might ask where you live, how you split chores, and stuff like that to see if you're really living like a married couple.

In summary, when you're prepping for your green card marriage interview, make sure you're ready to talk about these things and have any evidence you need to prove you're the real deal.

Discover how to get a green card via marriage. Learn how to prove your love, ace interviews, and tackle challenges. Ready to start your journey?

Long-Distance Marriages and Green Card Challenges

If you're in a long-distance marriage and aiming for a green card marriage, buckle up for some challenges ahead. Being apart because of work or other commitments can throw a wrench in the works. People might even question if your relationship is legit. Let's chat about why this happens and how you can tackle these immigration challenges head-on.

Establishing Relationship Authenticity from Afar

Let's start by talking about how to prove your love is the real deal, even when you're miles apart. Get tech-savvy and make the most of tools like video calls, texts, and sharing moments online. These little things can keep your bond strong despite the distance.

Legal Considerations for Long-Distance Couples

Keep an eye out for any additional hoops you might need to jump through or extra documents you might need to gather. It's a good idea to chat with an immigration lawyer to get the lowdown on how being far apart could shake up your green card marriage application.

Highlighting Commitment Despite the Distance

Let's shine a spotlight on your unwavering commitment, even with all those miles between you. Share some stories about how you met, how you've kept the flame alive and shown your dedication to each other despite the distance.

Online marriage is becoming a very popular option nowadays. Are online marriages a good idea? It’s crucial that you understand how online marriage fits into the green card marriage immigration scene and understand how it may affect the outcome of your application. 

You've got this if you're in it for the long term haul and ready to jump through a few hoops. Keep that love alive, and before you know it, you'll be celebrating your green card marriage success together!

Marrying a US Citizen Vs. Marrying a Green Card Holder

When your spouse is a permanent resident (green card holder), and you're aiming to get your own green card, the process differs slightly from being married to a US citizen.

This table provides a clear comparison between the two and breaks down each aspect of the immigration process in a simpler way:



Marrying a US Citizen

Marrying a Green Card Holder

Immigration Category Immediate Relative Category Family-sponsored Preference Category
Visa Availability No numerical limits on visas available Subject to numerical limitations
Priority Dates Not applicable Determined by the priority date of I-130 petition
Processing/Waiting Times Generally shorter wait times Often longer wait times due to visa backlog
Conditional Residence Not applicable May be eligible for conditional residence
Consular Processing Not applicable It may require embassy or consulate processing
Work Authorization Eligible to apply for work authorization Eligible to apply for work authorization
Travel Permission Eligible to apply for travel documents Eligible to apply for travel documents
Citizenship Eligibility Eligible to apply for citizenship immediately Eligible to apply for citizenship eventually


Getting your green card when your spouse is a permanent resident can be a bit of a maze. Contact us to get the latest updates regarding application and policy changes. An immigration attorney who’ll be able to help guide you through it all.

Begin Your Green Card Marriage Journey Today!

Josh and his team of immigration law experts have extensive experience representing clients in fiancé(e) visa and spousal visa cases. They’ve been serving green card marriage clients in all 50 US States and around the world from their offices in Los Angeles, CA, and Boston, MA. 

Whether you're in Los Angeles, Downey, Pasadena, Burbank, Santa Monica, or anywhere in the world, they’re here to help you with the process of applying and representing you. Don't wait – reach out today and start working towards your marriage green card immigration goals together!


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