Faramarz’s 2024 Visa Triumph: Beat the Odds & Find Success

We get it! The path to visa triumph can be full of ups and downs with twists and turns. But hidden in these twists and turns are immigration success stories of bravery, strength, and never giving up. 

Explore Faramarz and his family's visa journey, which was marked by an unfortunate five-year delay. Our client’s brave journey teaches us the importance of perseverance and optimism.

We also witness how strong people can be when they face tough times. We invite you to come along as we dive into this visa victory narrative of beating the odds and finding visa journey success. We hope this story can inspire anyone facing similar challenges!

The Path Toward Visa Triumph Begins

In the world of immigration, some stories deeply touch the hearts of those who hear them. Faramarz's journey is one such tale. It serves as a powerful reminder of the challenges faced in overcoming immigration hurdles and the potential triumph that awaits on the other side.

A Road Full of Uncertainty

When Faramarz first reached out for help, he was facing a situation that many can only imagine. His immigration case had been stuck in administrative processing since February 2019, leaving him in a state of confusion. Each day felt like an endless struggle as Faramarz remained separated from his loved ones due to complex paperwork.

In Faramarz’s words:

Faramarz explained, "Our case was stuck since February 2019... We didn't know what to do. It was frustrating."

The Weight of Separation

As he shared his experiences, Faramarz revealed the emotional toll this situation had taken on him and his family. The fear of being kept apart from his loved ones, the sadness of missing important moments – these feelings were overwhelming. Despite the challenges of the immigrant visa process, Faramarz remained determined to achieve visa success for his family.

Faramarz expressed:

"I felt hopeless and lonely. Being with my family is very important to me. I missed them terribly, and the pressure kept growing."

Faramarz’s 2024 Visa Triumph: Beat the Odds & Find Success

Taking a Leap of Faith 

With courage, Faramarz decided to seek legal help despite his worries about facing government opposition. Despite the challenges, Faramarz persisted, driven by the belief that his visa success would reunite him with his family—a cause worth fighting for.

In his own words, Faramarz reflected on his decision:

"My son reassured me that seeking help was the right thing to do. He said not to worry about retaliation from the government."

A mandamus lawsuit presents an opportunity for you to take control and move forward toward your visa triumph. It’s the best immigration success strategy to challenge unreasonable visa delays. Faramarz's story proves once again that government retaliation is a myth and that taking action can actually improve things. 

If you're feeling stuck with your visa, don't let myths about visa denial or fears about your application hold you back. Countless clients have found visa success experiences through Writ of Mandamus lawsuits with us.

Visa Triumph: A 5-Year Visa Delay Finally Ends!

And then, a breakthrough – after years of waiting, progress finally came. The news of Faramarz's approval brought immense relief and joy, washing away the uncertainty that had plagued him for so long. It was a moment of visa triumph—a testament to Faramarz's determination.

Faramarz exclaimed:

"It felt amazing! Like reaching the top of a mountain. I was overjoyed and felt like I was starting a new chapter in my life."

Read about Faramarz and his family's visa triumph and find more info about our mandamus service. Discover hope with their inspiring journey!

Contacting Us: A Brief Overview of the Service We Provide

If you're stuck in visa limbo, you might want to reach out to us about filing a mandamus lawsuit.

Our immigration law firm offers a comprehensive service for filing mandamus lawsuits, empowering you to pursue your visa triumph.

Here's a brief overview of what to expect from our pre-filing lawsuit preparation service and post-filing process after you've signed an agreement with us.

** PLEASE NOTE: The information provided in this table is accurate as of 04_18_2024. Please note that services and features may be updated or changed in the future. We recommend verifying the latest details with our team.**

Pre-filing Mandamus Lawsuit Preparation

Step in the Process


Estimated Timeframe

1. After you pay the fee, you'll get an email with a link to the form. Fill out the form about your immigration case within two days. The Legal Assistant will help if you need it.

Get an email with a form link, and fill it out with your immigration info within two days. The Legal Assistant can assist if needed.

Within two days.

2. Once you submit the form, the Legal Assistant checks it and starts working on the complaint. They might ask for more information.

The Legal Assistant reviews the form and starts working on the complaint. They may ask for more information if needed.

Within a few days.

3. In a few days, the complaint draft will be ready for the legal team to review. Once it's approved, you will receive it for your review and approval. Let us know if anything needs changing.

The legal team will review the complaint draft. After they give the green light, you will review it. If there are any issues, let us know.

Within a few days.

4. After you approve the complaint draft, we start the filing process. It usually takes two to three days. Remember, we can only share the draft once you've paid in full.

Once you confirmed all the information in the draft is correctt, we will file it. This takes around two to three days. Remember, we only share the draft after full payment.

Roughly 2-3 days.

Mandamus Lawsuit Post-filing

Step in the Process


Estimated Timeframe

1. After filing the lawsuit, the court will issue a summons and we will initiate the Service Process. We mail the complaint and summons to all Defendants using registered or certified mail (USPS). This usually takes about 21 days.

The court issues a summons to start the Service Process. We mail complaints and summons to Defendants.

About 21 days.

2. Once served, the court gives Defendants 60 days to respond to the complaint. They must provide an answer within this timeframe.

Court sets a 60-day deadline for Defendants to respond to the complaint. They have to answer within 60 days of being served.

Within 60 days.

3. After 60 days, different things could happen: 

a. Agencies may ask for more supporting documentation or your passport.

b. Defendants might want a legal extension (30 - 45 - 60 - 90 days) or more time to work on the case

c. The lawsuit might be put on hold (stay) if an interview is scheduled. This means the case is being dealt with, and the lawsuit is temporarily closed. Once the stay is over, we decide what to do next.

d. Defendants may say the delay in your immigration case is not unresonable and file a Motion to Dismiss the lawsuit. We would oppose that.

Post-60-day scenarios:

a. Agencies may need more documents, medicals or the passport to complete adjudication.

b. Defendants may ask for an extension of time.

c. Lawsuit could be paused for an interview.

d. Defendants may try to dismiss the lawsuit, but we would fight back.

Varies, depending on the scenario.

4. We dismiss the lawsuit when your immigration case is adjudicated.

The lawsuit gets dismissed when your immigration case is adjudicated.

After the final decision.

Start Your Path to Toward Visa Triumph Today!

Faramarz's visa triumph shows that immigration success stories are possible with perseverance and the right support. His story reminds us that there is always hope, even in the darkest times.

We want to congratulate Faramarz and his family again and wish them the best. We trust Faramarz's visa approval journey and others’ visa triumph stories inspire you. Don’t let challenges in your immigrant process keep you from reaching your American dream. 

Our team of immigration experts is here to help you understand why your visa might be taking longer than expected. We'll give you clear advice and support to help you get your visa triumph in 2024!

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