Need Payment Arrangements To Get A Mandamus Lawsuit?

Today, Josh Goldstein chats about payments for Writ of Mandamus lawsuits. There are some clients who ask if they could make payment arrangements

Typically, they request to pay half upfront and the rest after the approval of their visa. It's a common question, so let’s explain how it all works. 

Let's clear things up and walk you through how Goldstein Immigration Lawyers handles payments and why!

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How Josh and His Team Help People

Josh Goldstein’s law firm helps clients by filing Writ of Mandamus lawsuits. These lawsuits sue consulates around the world and help people whose visas have gotten stuck in administrative processing.

The law firm offers a comprehensive flat fee quote. This flat fee covers all related immigration services, ensuring no additional hourly charges. The filing fee varies based on factors such as the complexity of your immigration case and the location of the consulate.

There are some clients who ask if they could make payment arrangements when filing Writ of Mandamus lawsuits.

What is a Writ of Mandamus Lawsuit?

A Writ of Mandamus lawsuit is a legal action used to compel a government agency or an official to perform a specific duty they are legally required to do. 

This remedy is sought when an individual believes that the federal government is unreasonably delaying or refusing to take action. To initiate a mandamus lawsuit, you must demonstrate a clear legal right to the action.

They're demanding and proving that no other adequate legal remedy exists. This legal process typically involves filing an immigration petition with a District Federal Court. The court reviews the case and determines if the government's inaction is indeed unjust. 

If the court grants the mandamus, it orders the government agency or official to carry out the required action. Mandamus lawsuits can be complex and involve intricate legal arguments and a thorough understanding of immigration law

Please note that seeking a US immigration lawyer is required to navigate the process effectively. Explore our extensive list of frequently asked questions and their corresponding answers for comprehensive information.

The Importance of Immediate Action

Josh and his team require full payment upfront because they’ll jump right into action with your immigration case. Typically, we promptly file the lawsuit within a day or two.

This immediate action is crucial because it significantly expedites the visa approval process. Typically, Josh and his team secure visa approvals within six to twelve weeks after filing a lawsuit. It's a swift process with a clear end in sight.

A Focus on Swift Progress

This isn't a long-term engagement that stretches over years and allows for monthly payments. It's a focused, expedited service. Rest assured that progress will happen rapidly once you've hired our law firm and made the payment.

The law firm does accept credit card payments if you need to make payment arrangements due to financial constraints.

The Alternative: Flexible Payment Arrangements

The firm does accept credit card payments if you need to make payment arrangements due to financial constraints. 

This payment method includes an initial payment with your credit card. You can spread the payment term over several months until you settle the balance. This payment option will make the filing fee more manageable for you. 

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