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Our new immigration lawyer video is now live!

Boston Deportation Defense Lawyer The big news today is that my Boston immigration lawyer video is now up and live on Youtube and can be found here. This video couldn't have happened without the help of lots of talented people. But I owe an especially deep debt of gratitude to my former immigration clients--Hakim, Nerlande, Ade, Paxton and Silvia and Nurahmed. Your kind words humble me and remind me why I love being an immigration attorney. Please let me know what you think of my video. And if you want to gain U.S. citizenship, need help with an immigration waiver, representation in deportation hearings in Immigration Court or advice on your immigration options, call me at 617-722-0005. READ MORE

If you entered the U.S. without inspection, your path to a green card is limited. A Boston immigration lawyer explains

Boston, MA Deportation Defense Attorney As an immigration lawyer, I frequently meet with people who have entered the United States without a visa or without being inspected by an immigration officer at an airport or border. Such people have sneaked their way into the United States and now they seek a green card or some other legal status. We immigration lawyers refer to this class of people as EWIs (entry without inspection). What immigration options are available to someone who has no proof of being properly admitted and inspected upon entry into the U.S.? READ MORE

Can you get a green card through a same-sex marriage?

Boston Immigration Lawyer As an immigration lawyer in Boston, I'm proud to be an advocate of marriage equality for same-sex couples. Given that same-sex marriage is legal in Massachusetts and elsewhere, the immigration question that I'm asked is usually this: can a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident who is legally married to a foreign national of the same sex file an I-130 visa petition with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to have his or her spouse immigrate as an alien relative? READ MORE

How to get a green card after using someone else’s US birth certificate to get a driver’s license

Boston Green Card Lawyer You just got married--congratulations. Now, based on your marriage to a U.S. citizen, you want to apply for a green card through the adjustment of status process by filing an I-485 with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. But there's one tiny problem: a few years back, you knowingly used someone else's U.S. birth certificate (from Puerto Rico, for instance) to get a Massachusetts driver's license. As an immigration attorney in Boston, I come across this problem frequently. READ MORE

Can you get a green card through marriage if you don’t live with your spouse?

As an immigration attorney in Boston, I've helped countless immigrants navigate through the process of becoming permanent residents through marriage to a U.S. citizen. One of the most frequent questions I get is whether you can successfully obtain a green card through a marriage petition if you and your spouse aren't living together. The answer is yes . . . and no. Let me explain. READ MORE

Why my answer to your quick immigration question is usually “it depends”

"Can I apply for green card? Yes or no?" "I just have a quick question" "My immigration case is easy. What should I do?" When potential immigration clients call me and ask me these sorts of questions, they want to hear my snap advice on their immigration cases. My usual answer is "it depends." And for potential immigration clients, "it depends" can be frustrating and disappointing response. Why is it that my off-the-cuff answer to your immigration questions is "it depends"? Is this just my way of luring you into taking the time and incurring the needless expense of coming into my Boston immigration office for a full consultation. Of course not! READ MORE

Boston Immigration Lawyer – What to do if your I-751 is denied because you filed it late

Lately, our Boston immigration law office has been inundated by a flood of people who have had their I-751, petition to remove conditions on permanent residency, denied by USCIS because they were not filed on time. As the I-751 denial letter points out, when the I-751 is denied, all the rights and privileges of permanent residency are terminated. In some cases, the I-751 denial letter is accompanied by a Notice to Appear in Immigration Court, which means that deportation or removal proceedings have been initiated. If you filed your I-751 late and then got one of these denial letters from USCIS, what should you do? First, take a deep breath. Relax. Don't panic. And, by all means, don't pack your bags and leave the U.S. READ MORE

TPS for Haiti: Why You Should Apply

As most people in Boston's Haitian community know by now, Haitian nationals who are now in the U.S. may apply for Temporary Protective Status or TPS to avoid deportation from the U.S. and to obtain a work permit, i.e., employment authorization. Applications for TPS are filed on Form I-821 and must be received by the cut-off deadline of July 20, 2010. TPS is a generous benefit. Consider the following: A final order of deportation or removal will not disqualify you for TPS as a Haitian; As a Haitian, you may qualify for TPS even if you are out of status or have overstayed your visa; and If you entered the U.S. without inspection, you may still apply for TPS as a Haitian. READ MORE

Want a green card through marriage? How your tax return might help or hurt.

Green Cards, Marriage and Taxes As an immigration lawyer in Boston, I know next to nothing about accounting and tax law. But I do know a lot about how your tax return may impact your immigration case. If you are going through any immigration process, you should expect immigration judges and officers to scrutinize your tax returns. For those who are in the process of applying for a green card through marriage to a permanent resident or to a U.S. citizen or who have filed an I-751 petition to remove the condition on permanent residency, I have 3 tips that may help you: READ MORE

Want to help your parents get green card? Read this first

As an immigration attorney, my goal is to help people get green cards and U.S. citizenship. One of the most important privileges that you gain with US citizenship is the right to file an immigration petition (Form I-130) for your mother and father. But before helping your parents get green cards, you need to think through this decision and weigh your immigration options carefully. How to lose your green card status Before you help your parents get green cards, keep in mind that when someone with a green card stops living in the United States, they lost their green card status. It's called abandonment of residency. Once you've been given lawful permanent residency, you can't definitively lose your status until an immigration judge conducts a formal hearing in Immigration Court and rules that you have abandoned your green card or residency status. To make this decision, the Immigration Judge will look at a variety of factors including whether you have worked in the U.S., filed income tax returns, and whether you have maintained an actual home in the U.S. READ MORE

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