Celebrating Raianatu’s 2024 Family Immigration Success

In the world of family visa approval, each person's family immigration success story is like a special adventure full of ups and downs. We're excited to share the amazing story of Raianatu, who faced a lot of tough times but never gave up on reuniting her family. 

As we tell Raianatu’s story, you'll learn about the struggles she and her family faced and how they never gave up. We invite you to join us on this inspiring journey of resilience and triumph!

The Weight of Uncertainty and Despair

Raianatu's family immigration story began in 2018 when she filed a form I-130 petition for her husband to join her in the United States. Initially, she was told her husband’s visa could take up to three years to get approved. Unfortunately, things got even harder because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Raianatu felt overwhelmed by her family's immigration struggles and the endless waiting. The toll of her situation weighed heavily on her.

Raianatu recounts: 

"I was depressed. I have anxiety, everything." 

Raianatu decided to seek assistance from immigration. Even though Raianatu tried her hardest, she faced many obstacles. She could not get the help she really needed to move forward. 

The arrival of a new baby only added to her burden. Feeling overwhelmed, Raianatu even thought about going back to Africa. 

Raianatu recalls: 

"I called immigration, but I don't have any help," she lamented.

"I said no, I’ll call immigration, I’ll go back to Africa. I had a baby. It's too much." 

A Chance Encounter with Josh

Even though Raianatu faced many challenges, she kept going. She found guidance watching videos on our visa delayed Facebook Group. That's when she came across a video featuring Josh. Finally, she found a glimmer of hope.

Raianatu’s words:

"After, I kept waiting. But I was on Facebook, you know. I like to watch some videos there. That's when I saw the video." 

In need of urgent family immigration help, Raianatu returned to the internet, hoping to find guidance once again. She remembered Josh’s compassionate video, which offered expert help with immigration delays. 

Raianatu’s words:

“And I go back to the video because I called everything. I called the immigration, I don't have no help. I said let me, let me check a lawyer and I remember the video.

Celebrating Raianatu’s 2024 Family Immigration Success

The Critical Turning Point: Making a Pivotal Choice

Raianatu wanted to get family immigration legal advice, but she wanted to be sure. Before making up her mind, she asked for advice from different people. People warned her that immigration lawyers might not be trustworthy and could take advantage of her. 

Raianatu recalls being told that lawyers might lie and just take her money without really helping:

“They tell me, lawyers are not good. They lie, they eat your money, they don't help you. I say, ok, I ask a lot of advice. You know, I like to ask before I do something.”

Raianatu bravely ignored what others said and took action to get legal representation. Even though people warned her, she was determined to try to reunite all her family members. She took the next step and set up an appointment with our firm.

Raianatu’s words:

 What I just decide to do, I'm gonna do it and I call, I make an appointment. I said, ok, let me, let me take one step.

A Visa Granted and a Dream Realized

Raianatu’s husband's long-awaited visa was approved after Josh and his team assisted in filing the mandamus lawsuit. This marked a significant end to a challenging family visa journey. Raianatu’s dream of family immigration success was realized. Raianatu and her family are finally able to begin a new chapter filled with hope and possibilities.

Raianatu’s words:

“I'm happy. I feel happy and I'm happy for you guys because I think if I don't get a lawyer, he wasn't here yet. If I don't get a lawyer, he wasn't here yet because those people over there, they work slow.”

Discover Raianatu's inspiring family immigration success story. Learn how trusting reliable legal guidance led to family visa approval!

Gratitude and Reflection 

Raianatu is deeply thankful for all the family immigration help she received during the mandamus process. She happily says that because she trusts our firm so much, she'll recommend Goldstein Immigration Lawyers to everyone. She was impressed by the legal team’s reliability and will definitely tell others about them.

Raianatu’s words:

I'm recommending to you. I trust you, after everything you do for me. I see is, it’s on time, I'm gonna recommend a somebody. If it wasn't good, I'm not gonna recommend to nobody. I'm not gonna lie. I trust you guys. They say, ok, I tell them what's going on with me and they say, ok, anything I see about the immigration case, I'm gonna tell, I'm gonna refer to them to you.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Raianatu for sharing her experience with us. We are truly delighted that she highly recommends the firm. Raianatu's family immigration lawyer recommendation is of great significance to our legal team. 

We sincerely wish Raianatu and her family all the happiness and success in the world!

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Raianatu’s mandamus lawsuit success shows the importance of reliable legal assistance when dealing with administrative processing delays. Despite hearing negative things about immigration lawyers, Raianatu trusted our firm, and it paid off.

By trusting immigration lawyers and our firm, she not only achieved her family’s immigration goals but also ensured a better future for them. Her experience shows how important it is not to listen to bad advice. 

Instead, check out immigration firm reviews and listen to immigration attorney recommendations before choosing a Los Angeles immigration lawyer near you. 

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