Mohamed’s 2024 Immigration Success: A Journey of Strength

Come with us on an immigration success journey full of surprises, challenges, and victories. Mohamed, who, like many of you, dreamed of being with their loved one in the United States. 

Through Mohamed's experiences, we'll learn about not giving up, asking for help when needed, and the joy of overcoming immigration obstacles. As Mohamed shared his story with Josh Goldstein, it became clear that reaching this dream wasn't easy. It also shows that immigration success within two months is possible.

Mohamed’s immigration success is about never giving up and finding hope in tough times. We invite you to get comfy and let Mohamed's journey inspire you to keep pushing forward, no matter what life throws your way.

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A Journey of Strength Begins

Mohamed’s ordeal began in 2019 when he applied for his wife to join him in the United States. Just as Mohamed's immigration success plans were set in motion, fate dealt a cruel blow with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, which plunged the world into chaos. 

The pandemic had a detrimental effect on the immigration success of asylum applications. Disrupted schedules, delayed procedures, and bureaucratic red tape further complicated matters.

Mohamed recalls:

"The problem was I applied for my spouse to come here to the United States, it was back in 2019. Applied for that I-130, got approved in July I think so, so again COVID hits again."

“It has been long, long, long, long, four years of frustration, yeah, just going back home, come back again, traveling every year. It has been very rough, yeah.”

Hitting Another Roadblock

It’s tough to describe Mohamed's journey even after the COVID-19 pandemic. Just as he believed his wife's immigration success was within reach, another setback arose. After finally getting an interview in Nairobi, he realized he'd lost his marriage certificate. Can you imagine the sinking feeling of disappointment after waiting so patiently for that moment?

Mohamed’s words:

“So after COVID we apply, they go schedule an interview in Nairobi. So when we got there, I lost my marriage certificate, so the problem was that when she goes to the interview, they said you have to bring this marriage certificate and it was refused and that's been a challenge, going back again. So I saw your video, so I said let me try.”

Receiving the Bad News

In 2022, Mohamed finally received some news, but it was not what he hoped for. He was given form 221G, indicating a refusal on the same day as his interview. It must have been incredibly disappointing for him, but Mohamed never gave up on his dreams of immigration success

He gathered all the required documents, including his original marriage certificate and IRS transcript, and submitted them quickly. However, despite his efforts, he had to face another setback. The authorities said his submission wasn’t enough and asked for more documentation.

Mohamed reflects:

“It was back in 2022, he got an info March 6th and they gave him like 221G, they refused on the same day of the interview. I resubmitted again, they needed a copy of my original marriage certificate and transcript of the IRS and I submitted before 10.40, they said this is not gonna work, so you have to bring us again the transcript and they said okay.”

Mohamed’s 2024 Immigration Success: A Journey of Strength

Getting to a Decisive Milestone

Mohamed kept trying to check on the immigration case but got no response. Mohamed sent his documents again but still, he heard nothing. He was having a really tough time contacting different people for help but didn't get anywhere. 

The lack of communication made things even harder for him. Despite all this, Mohamed didn't give up. He found a video of Josh online that gave him hope, and he decided to take the next step to get professional immigration help.

Mohamed’s words:

“They didn't even tell me we got it, I resubmitted again in a week time and they just, when I tried to email them, send them an email and go to the state representative, I go to the Senate of Alaska, try to tell, they say nothing, we just wait. They told I just wait until we finish our things, so I just saw your video and said hey, let me take a shot.”

Facing Fears Head-on

He talks openly about being scared, which a lot of people understandably face when immigration issues get tough. But Mohamed found hope in Josh’s videos, which encouraged him to keep going and not give up on his immigration goals.

Mohamed admits:

“I was afraid too, I was afraid, I was afraid too, I said oh, this is gonna be like, you know, it's gonna be like getting some problem again then. I saw your videos again, you keep encouraging, so I said okay, let me get a shot and try it, yeah.”

Filing a Mandamus Lawsuit Is Your Legal Right

We understand that many of our clients may feel scared when they have to decide whether to take legal action. One common worry is the fear of the government reacting badly, especially when filing mandamus lawsuits

Understanding Client Concerns

But it's important to know that this fear is not based on truth. Mandamus lawsuits are a way for people to ask a court to force the government to act on their immigration case when they think it's taking too long.

Protection By Law

We deal with client government retaliation fears daily. While it's normal to worry about what might happen, it's important to know that taking legal action is a right protected by the law. In immigration law, mandamus lawsuits are meant to make sure that government agencies handle your immigration case fairly and in a reasonable amount of time. 

Improving Your Chances of Immigration Success

These lawsuits are not meant to cause trouble for individuals. Instead, they improve your chances of immigration success. The legal system has rules to prevent the government from treating people badly for exercising their legal rights. 

It's natural to feel anxious about suing the government but seeking justice is your right. With expert legal guidance, you can resolve issues confidently and achieve possible immigration success.

Discover Mohamed's inspiring immigration success journey. Overcome obstacles with expert legal guidance. Start your success story with us today!

Immigration Success Achieved Within Two Months!

After getting help from a Boston Writ of Mandamus lawyer, Mohamed’s chances of immigration success improved in just two and a half months. This quick progress happened between October, when he asked for help, November when his case went to court, and December, when he got approval. It shows how fast things changed for him in his immigration journey.

Mohamed’s words:

“I hired you guys, it was like about 2 and a half months, the way it's from October, I hired you guys, then November to the court, December got approved.”

“I can't believe it, even I didn't believe it like for the last day, oh, this is happening, yeah, because one day, I asked some guys, one of my guys said no, this is not gonna work, no, no, no, just wait, so I can't believe it, everybody said wow.”

A New Beginning Thanks to Legal Assistance

Mohamed is really happy and satisfied with his well-deserved immigration success. He's already told two friends about the legal help he received and is excited for them to contact our legal team.

He is really excited about starting a new part of his life. Mohamed shares his joy and future plans with hope and excitement. His words exclaim how relieved and happy he is about how his immigration case turned out.

Mohamed states:

“I think I have two of my friends, I already recommended to you guys, so they're gonna be touching with you guys very soon. I’m just planning to start a life now. I can’t believe you made it possible. Wonderful.”

Begin Your Immigration Success Story with Us!

Mohamed's immigration success story shows how much of a difference professional legal help can make in dealing with immigration issues. It's inspiring to see how Mohamed's decision to seek professional help led to real results within a short timeframe. 

We're really moved by Mohamed's immigration success, and we hope it inspires you to get immigration assistance. We wish Mohamed and his wife a successful year ahead, admire his strength, and thank him for taking the time to share his immigration victory with us. 

His story shows how important it is to get expert help to reach your goals. Mohamed's visa win reminds us not to let worries about government backlash stop us from chasing our dreams. If you or anyone you know is experiencing similar challenges, we're here to help. Share your case with us. Let's begin creating your immigration success story together.

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