Caution: Beware of US Immigration Attorney False Guarantees!

Welcome to the intricate world of US immigration, where it’s human nature to seek help with quick solutions from a US immigration attorney. A prospective client said that they were in contact with a lawyer promising rapid approval in just 60 days. 

Discover why Josh and his team don’t make false guarantees and gain insights and legal transparency into the realities of US immigration attorney false promises. 

Stick around as we unravel the complexities and share tips to help you understand how to navigate your immigration journey safely!

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Approval in 60 Days: Guaranteed? 

The question is: Should you hire a US immigration attorney who guarantees approval in 60 days? Josh compares it to someone making a false guarantee, like promising to put his website on Google's first page. 

He says, like in marketing, a US immigration attorney can't control outcomes at US citizenship and immigration services USCIS, embassy, or consulates. Immigration law and the immigration process are complicated and uncertain. 

Staying informed and knowing what you can and can’t get within the complex US immigration process will help you avoid getting scammed into a false guarantee.

Understanding Guarantees and Complexity

Josh Goldstein is happy about the successful outcomes and positive reviews his law practice has received. You’ll never get legal promises with a false guarantee of quick approval because neither the law firm nor any US immigration attorney can guarantee it. Nobody can promise precisely how long it will take.

He wants you to know the truth about the uncertainties in immigration cases. While appreciating the praise, he’s more proud of helping people like you reach their immigration goals. 

The Goldstein Approach: No False Guarantees

This section explores the Goldstein approach and principles, emphasizing experience, expertise, and a commitment to helping clients. 

Who We Are and What We Do

Josh is an experienced US immigration attorney with a proven track record of providing immigration help in US immigration cases

His team of accredited representatives help people with various issues like green cards, work permits, K-1 visas, visas for family members, visas for siblings, mandamus lawsuits, green cards through marriage, becoming a lawful permanent resident, United States citizenship, and more. 

US Immigration Attorney Principles

Josh talks about his principles – having lots of experience, being an expert, and promising to do everything possible for his law firm’s clients. The US immigration attorneys and his team can’t promise approval or predict how long it will take. However, they’re committed to helping you as much as they can.

Honesty and Professionalism

Josh emphasizes that it's not professional for US immigration attorneys to make false guarantees by promising specific results in a set time. He worries that if an immigration lawyer guarantees approval in 60 days and it doesn't happen, they might lose trust. 

Josh values honesty and professionalism in his immigration practice. The law firm believes in not making false guarantees and being honest about what his firm’s immigration legal services can and cannot do. Josh and his immigration consultants don’t make legal false promises

Frequently Sharing Reliable Insider Tips 

His law firm has a YouTube channel where he shares tips as a US immigration attorney to help people better understand immigration. The immigration firm frequently shares insider tips and tricks to help you improve your chances of success in your immigration case.

All the Goldstein Immigration Lawyers’ social media posts, newsletters, blog posts, online videos, and more are your best online helpful resources to help make things clearer for you.

Caution: Beware of US Immigration Attorney False Guarantees!

Tips to Protect Yourself Against Immigration Scams

Now, let's talk about something important: avoiding scams when dealing with immigration. Sadly, some try to trick those who want to live in the United States. They often make promises of quick and sure results, but they're just after your money. Let's look at some ways to keep safe.

  • False Guarantees: Watch out if someone guarantees they can help you for a hefty fee. Actual immigration processes take time, and there are no sure things.
  • Unauthorized Helpers: Only get help from qualified US immigration attorneys authorized to practice law. Check for lawyers approved by the Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA). A US immigration attorney approved by recognized associations won’t risk their reputation by making false guarantees.
  • Allowed to Practice Law: When a lawyer is part of a state bar, we say they are "admitted to the bar" or "a member of the bar." The "bar" is like a club for lawyers in a specific place. 

Being a state bar member signifies that the lawyer has met the requirements and standards set by the legal profession in that specific state (jurisdiction).

  • Tricky Calls and Emails: Be careful with unexpected calls or emails claiming to be from immigration. The government won't ask for quick payments or personal info over the phone.
  • Fake Websites: Some scammers create fake websites with false guarantees that look official. Always check if a website is genuine by looking at the web address and ensuring it's secure. For example, you can check for valid website security certificates by clicking the lock icon in your browser’s search bar.
  • Pressure Tactics: Scammers might rush you into making quick decisions on false guarantees. Take your time, do some research, and make smart choices about your immigration options.
  • Strange Payments: Real immigration processes use standard payment methods. If someone asks for payment in cryptocurrency or gift cards, be suspicious – these are common signs of scams.
  • Not Clear About Services: A legitimate US immigration lawyer will know what they offer and its costs. If things seem unclear or weird, ask questions before going ahead.

Base your journey to the United States on accurate information and genuine processes. If something looks too good to be true, it probably is. Stay smart, check with trusted sources, and report anything fishy to the right people.

Contact Us for Dedicated and Reliable Assistance!

Josh Goldstein passionately emphasizes Goldstein Immigration Lawyers’ commitment to you. With extensive experience and unwavering US immigration attorney expertise, his firm guarantees to represent you tirelessly and help you achieve your immigration goals. 

While immediate approval and set processing times can’t be promised or predicted, the firm’s transparent approach reflects its professionalism and integrity. The numerous positive reviews attest to Josh and his team’s track record of delivering incredible results. 

We invite you to reach out if you seek dedicated, passionate, and expert legal advice from a US immigration attorney who genuinely cares. Let us be your reliable partner on this important journey. Tell us about your case, and together, let's work towards realizing your immigration goals.

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