How to Prepare for an Initial Consultation with an Immigration Lawyer

Are you considering hiring an immigration lawyer to help you resolve a legal matter? If so, it is crucial that you are able to find the right legal professional for your specific case. One of the best things you can do is set up a confidential consultation with an experienced immigration attorney. During your initial consultation, you will be able to learn a lot about your legal rights and legal options.

Five Tips to Get Ready for Your First Immigration Consultation

1. Know Your Objectives

As a starting point, you should come into an immigration consultation with an understanding of exactly what you want to get out of the legal process. Are you trying to help a loved one avoid deportation? Are you trying to get a green card for a family member? Are you dealing with an employment immigration matter? Regardless of the specific circumstances, it is important to know your goals.

2. Bring All of the Official Immigration Documentation You Have

Do you have any immigration documents? If so, bring them with you to your initial consultation. Among other things, you may want to bring:

  • A passport;
  • Your birth certificate;
  • I-94 arrival documents;
  • Any application you filed;
  • Any immigration notices/orders; and
  • All other documents that may be relevant.

More documentation is always better. Take the time to organize your documents and records.

3. Write Down Important Information, including Dates and Events

It can also be useful to write down any relevant dates or events. Once again, the more comprehensive information you are able to provide, the easier it will be for a immigration lawyer in Los Angeles to provide you with immediate and effective legal guidance. If you are dealing with a time-sensitive matter, make sure you bring as much information as possible.

4. Come With a List of Questions

An initial consultation with an immigration lawyer is a great time to get your most pressing questions answered. We strongly recommend that you write down questions for your attorney in advance. You can ask questions about your case, an attorney’s background, your legal rights, and your immigration options. There are many myths and misconceptions about U.S. immigration law. Getting answers to your questions can help you provide much needed clarity and relieve some anxiety.

5. Be Open and Honest

Finally, it is important to be open, honest, and straightforward with your immigration attorney. An initial consultation is completely confidential—the information that you share with never be given to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) or any other government agency. To give you reliable legal guidance, your immigration lawyer in Los Angeles needs to know the full context of your situation.

Schedule Your Strictly Confidential Immigration Consultation Today

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