Melissa Granados

Melissa Granados

Melissa Granados serves as the Director of Operations at Goldstein Immigration Lawyers, embodying the quintessential American dream. Growing up in an immigrant family, Melissa witnessed firsthand the unwavering dedication and perseverance that her family displayed in building a thriving and prosperous business. These valuable lessons of hard work and resilience have shaped Melissa’s own path to success, and she continues to carry them with unwavering determination.

Melissa embarked on her professional journey as a passionate business enthusiast. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a minor in Finance from Cal State Northridge and went on to further her education with a Master’s in Business Administration from the prestigious UCLA Anderson School of Management. Renowned among her peers for her unparalleled commitment to accomplishing tasks, Melissa is widely recognized as someone who consistently “gets the job done.” Her expertise lies in strategic operations, and she thrives on helping teams develop, construct, and function with optimal efficiency. Her unique insights and valuable perspectives greatly contribute to the success of the firm.

Melissa Granados - Director of Operations - Operations
Melissa Granados Director of Operations - Operations

Beyond her professional endeavors, Melissa is a multifaceted individual with a range of interests. She is an avid animal lover, a devoted Disney fan, and a self-proclaimed foodie. As a sports enthusiast, she embraces the camaraderie of cheering on her favorite teams. Melissa finds solace in the tranquility of the beach and cherishes quality time spent with her cherished family and friends. In her leisure moments, you may even catch her joyfully belting out tunes from beloved musicals.

Melissa Granados epitomizes the spirit of the American dream, leveraging her educational background, relentless work ethic, and diverse array of passions to excel in her role as Director of Operations at Goldstein Immigration Lawyers. Her unwavering dedication to the firm’s success, combined with her vibrant personality and commitment to excellence, ensures that the team thrives and continues to deliver exceptional service to clients.