If My Visa Is Stuck In Administrative Processing, Can You Guarantee You’ll Get It Approved

My Visa Is Stuck In Administrative Processing. Can You Guarantee You'll Get It Approved?

The question

Here's one of the questions that I get all the time. People contact me and say, "Hey Josh. My visa is stuck in administrative processing. I know you can help. I've seen your YouTube videos and your website. I know you can help me and I want your help.

"But before I hire you, can you guarantee that my visa will be approved? Can you guarantee that I'm going to win my case? If I hire you, is there a guarantee that this is going to work out?"

I'm Josh Goldstein, an immigration lawyer, and I help people and families across the country and around the world get their visas out of administrative processing. Administrative processing is a special form of hell, and I am determined to help you fight that.

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The answer

So, the question is, can I guarantee that you're going to win? And the answer is, absolutely not. I do not guarantee anything, except that I will work hard and I will do my best to help you.


The truth of the matter

That's what I've told every single person who's ever hired me throughout my career. There are no guarantees. The outcome of your case is not guaranteed. There is no 100% win guarantee if you hire me.


If someone makes promises...

think that if any lawyer promises you that he or she can win your case, that's a red flag right there. That's because it's very difficult to ethically promise someone that you can win the case. The outcome of every case is a little bit uncertain.


My history

Most of the clients who hired me get their visas within 6-12 weeks and people have been incredibly happy because administrative processing is no fun. Your visa's stuck and you can't come to the U.S. You can't go back and finish your Ph. D. or join your family, and you're stuck in your home country.

And if that's the case, at some point, you become so sick of the waiting that you'll do anything to make it stop. And that's where I come in, and that's where people hire me. But I can’t guarantee you with 100% certainty that you're going to get your visa just because you hire me.


If you have questions

Do you have questions about your particular situation and why your visa is stuck in administrative processing and how I might be able to help you get it out of there? Then add a comment or your questions below. You can get in touch with our team. I'll be happy to talk with you and help you out.

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