US Consulate in Kenya Somali US Immigration Victory!

If you or someone you know faces delays in Somali US immigration, this blog post caters to your needs.  In this video, Josh Goldstein discussed how the immigration law firm can assist with immigration delays for Somali families in the US immigration system.

Recent Somali US Immigration Success Story

Josh shared a happy Somali US visa story about a family in Ohio. A Somali woman had been waiting since 2008 to be with her husband. The approval finally came in 2024 with visa services from the Josh Goldstein immigration law firm. This victory shows that there's hope, even in difficult situations.

Josh asks viewers to share the video with anyone facing similar challenges. If you know someone from Somalia who has immigration issues, this info might be helpful for them.

Challenges Somalis Faced in 2023

Understanding the hardships of Somalis requires a glimpse into the daily challenges Somali families face in 2023.

The following information is an extract from Brookings. The entire scale of Somalia's challenges in 2023 is portrayed alarmingly in Vanda Felbab-Brown's blog post, “Somalia’s challenges in 2023”, published on January 27, 2023.

US Consulate in Kenya Somali US Immigration Victory!

1. Devastating Humanitarian Crisis in Somalia

  • Almost half of Somalia's population, about 6.7 million, lacks enough food. 
  • Around 300,000 might face famine in spring. 
  • Over 500,000 Somali kids suffer severe malnutrition, exceeding 2011 levels by 173,000. 
  • Food and water shortages have displaced millions of Somalis.

2. Somalia's Starvation Crisis

  • Somalia’s massive starvation crisis is due to global warming and prolonged drought.
  • Three million livestock, vital for survival and the economy, have died, affecting households and national revenue.

3. Uprisings Amidst Hunger

  • Somalis faced increased taxes in response to the drought and worsening economic conditions.
  • Local clan militias, called "macawisley," rebelled against these harsh conditions.
  • Retaliation by al-Shabaab included poisoning and destroying water wells.
  • Despite the retaliation, rebel militias successfully took control of significant areas in Hiraan, Hirshabelle, and Galmudug from al-Shabaab.
We offer help for Somali US immigration delays. Share this victory and helpful info to overcome delays and transform immigration together!

Why Sue the US Consulate in Kenya?

No US Consulate that offers Somali US immigration in Somalia means families move to Kenya, making visa processes more difficult. Besides legal stuff, they endure financial, emotional, and personal struggles—new places, languages, and costs. Waiting for visas for 5-7 years brings major challenges. 

Josh and his team care a lot about these families' tough times. They want the Somali US immigration process of moving to the United States to be easier and more understanding. They know Somalis go through extra difficult things to have a better life.

Somali US Immigration Challenges in Kenya: Financial Strain

  • Relocation Costs: The financial burden of uprooting lives and moving to Kenya for visa processes can be considerable.
  • Living Expenses: Unforeseen expenses associated with settling in a new location.

Somali US Immigration Challenges in Kenya: Emotional Toll

  • Family Separation Anxiety: Children and parents experience separation throughout the extended visa application process.
  • Cultural Adjustment: Navigating new environments, languages, and cultural nuances can be emotionally draining.

Somali US Immigration Challenges in Kenya: Personal Sacrifices

  • Professional Disruptions: Career disruptions due to the need for relocation.
  • Educational Challenges: Disruptions in education, particularly for children adapting to new schools.

Standing up for justice for our Somali community! 🇸🇴 This mother's son has been stuck in administrative processing since 2015 after his visa interview. It's time to fight back with a writ of #mandamus lawsuit. Together, let's demand fairness and reunite families. #WritOfMandamus #Immigration #somalitiktok #somali #somalian

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Taking Action Against Unjust Smali Community Visa Delays

Josh recently made a TikTok video encouraging his law firm to support justice for the Somali community. The case of a Somali woman dealing with Somali US immigration challenges living in Nebraska struck a chord. This woman reached out to Josh and his team for help because her son, who had a visa interview in 2015, still hasn't received his visa.

Her son's visa had been delayed for more than seven years. In the world of complicated government procedures, some stories are truly surprising. Just imagine waiting for a visa for so many years. It's difficult to believe such a situation could happen.

Standing Strong

Staying strong, this legal step isn't just about questioning Somali's US immigration visa delays. It's about saying that what's happening isn't fair or right. Josh Goldtein’s immigration law firm promises to keep fighting until the young man gets the visa he should have received in 2015.

But the firm’s dedication goes beyond just winning a legal battle. It's about bringing families together again and giving hope to those who have waited for so long.

Joining Together

For those experiencing Somali US immigration difficulties, the law firm invites you to share your story. You're not alone in this journey. Our voices grow stronger by uniting and helping one another, and our determination becomes more steadfast.

In a world where patience is often valued, there comes a moment when waiting becomes unbearable. If you're trapped in visa limbo, that moment has arrived. Justice may take time, but it will prevail. Together, we will persist until every visa is granted and families are reunited once more.

Let’s Transform Somali US Immigration Together!

Is someone you know in the Somali community dealing with Somali US immigration issues in the US? Filing a mandamus lawsuit may offer a solution. Josh's law firm has over 20 years of experience helping clients in every state in the US and worldwide, with offices in Los Angeles, California, and Boston, Massachusetts. 

Share this post to spread awareness and support those in need. Let's join hands to overcome Somali visa delays and celebrate more success stories together!


Explore frequently asked questions and answers surrounding Somali US immigration below.

1. Is there a US Consulate in Somalia?

The US Embassy in Somalia is currently unable to offer consular services. Please note that the US Embassy in Nairobi handles consular matters related to Somalia. 

2. How long does the Somali US immigration process usually take for Somali families?

Sadly, families may have to wait for five, six, or even seven years, leading to tough times emotionally, financially, and personally as they aim to be together.

3. Why did Somali families immigrate to the United States?

Somalis arrived in the late 1980s. Somalis were driven by civil war and political instability in their country. Fleeing their homeland, many sought safety and refuge in North America.

4. Why are so many Somali families fleeing their country?

Many Somalis faced a tough situation due to political instability and civil war in the early 1990s, leading to a significant Somali refugee crisis and Somali US Immigration over the last 30 years.

5. Are there many Somalis living in Ohio?

Many Somali immigrants moved to Columbus, Ohio, because it offers a low cost of living, affordable housing, and many job opportunities.

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