Mandamus Success in Sudan: 18-Month Visa Delay Defeated!

Dive into our latest blog post to hear an amazing mandamus success story! Find out how this special lawsuit played a crucial role in reuniting a family after facing an 18-month visa delay ordeal in Sudan.

It's not just about legal solutions for administrative processing – it's one of those US immigration stories where the bravery to compel the government to decide on a husband's wife visa defeated tough times. 

We'll share post-mandamus success tips and a special message of hope to inspire you if you’re going through a similar situation. Get ready for a journey of courage over family immigration struggles and the determination that led to the joyful reunion that followed!

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The Mandamus Success Backstory

Our mandamus success backstory revolves around our client, a US citizen residing in Wisconsin. He was originally from Sudan, and his wife’s visa was stuck in administrative processing at the Khartoum Consulate for 18 months. Our client’s wife was pregnant while stuck in Khartoum with the couple's son. 

Our client had tried everything to bring his family together but felt stuck and frustrated. It was a very painful and tough situation, especially with a young son waiting and another child on the way. 

The Turning Point: Urging Action

Josh, who's also a dad, really understood what the client was going through and immediately began to urge the client to consider a Writ of Mandamus lawsuit.

Fear of suing the government held the client back. He was unsure about taking professional legal action against the government and what might happen. However, Josh Goldstein stayed determined and tirelessly kept pushing the client to go for a mandamus lawsuit

In Josh’s words: 

‘because of this administrative processing delay, it really ate at me. I got just as mad and frustrated as he was, and I begged him to hire me. I begged him. I called him or texted him probably 3 or 4 times a week for a month or more.”

“He probably thought I was crazy, I think, because I was so persistent. I just wouldn't let him not hire me. And the reason is not that I am super great at salesmanship or anything like that. It's that I could help him. I absolutely was certain that I could help him.”

Mandamus Success: Defeating the 18-Month Delay

The client bravely took the plunge to take mandamus action to force the government to make a decision on his wife’s visa despite his fears. He hired Josh to file the mandamus lawsuit, and it was filed just before the Holidays. The turnaround was nothing short of miraculous. 

Amazingly, the administrative processing nightmare came to an end with mandamus success only 23 days later! Josh recounts the moment when the client reached out, sharing the news of the mandamus lawsuit success.

The End of a Long-Standing Ordeal

The consulate in Sudan then requested his wife to undergo another medical exam. The completion of this marked the end of the family’s long-standing ordeal.

Immigration case victories over administrative processing through a mandamus lawsuit are undoubtedly a significant milestone. Below are our helpful life transitioning tips for post-lawsuit mandamus success.

Discover how mandamus success helped to reunite a family after an 18-month visa delay ordeal in Sudan and get post lawsuit transition tips!

Post Mandamus Success: 10 Best Life Transitioning Tips

We're always thrilled to see our clients succeed in their US immigration journey after a successful mandamus lawsuit. But remember, it's important to take careful and proactive steps for a smooth transition as you move forward post-mandamus.

The guide below is our way of showing ongoing support by providing helpful information to make your immigration process easier.

1. Celebrating the Victory

Take a moment to cheer for the win after a mandamus lawsuit success! Whether you're getting back together with loved ones or counting down to their arrival, give a shout-out to the achievement and the good vibes it brings to your family.

2. Communication with Authorities

After mandamus success, keep the conversation flowing with the right folks. Stay in the loop about any extra stuff they need, follow-up steps, or updates tied to the case. Being quick with your responses can speed up the rest of the process.

3. Document Collection and Verification

Get ready for the chance they might ask for more papers or checks. Make sure you have all the needed documents ready to roll, well-organized, and meet the standards set by the authorities.

4. Medical Exams and Visa Issuance

Expect a call for a medical checkup after mandamus success. This step is usually a post-lawsuit move. Act quickly to help wrap up the visa issuance process. Keep yourself updated on the necessary medical tests and examinations.

5. Travel Planning and Reuniting with Your Loved Ones

After mandamus success, start working on travel plans for your family. Stay in the loop on any travel restrictions, visa expiration dates, and other details to make sure the transition goes smoothly.

The moment when you finally reunite with your family is undoubtedly full of joy. Plan and coordinate their arrival, making sure it's a warm and smooth transition. Think about creating memorable experiences to strengthen family bonds after the time apart.

6. Ensure Legal Compliance in the United States

Familiarize yourself with legal obligations upon arrival in the United States. Ensure compliance with any post-arrival requirements. Registering with relevant authorities or updating contact information is critical.

7. Transition to Regular Activities

Assist your family members in easing back into regular activities, whether it's getting into schools, finding jobs, or handling other daily routines. Tackle any challenges that may pop up during the adjustment period after mandamus success.

8. Seeking Additional Legal Advice

Think about getting more legal advice after mandamus success if you have any legal questions. Consult with an immigration lawyer to stay on the right side of immigration laws and help you sort out any unanswered concerns.

Dive into our latest blog post to hear an amazing mandamus success story!

9. Think About Sharing Your Experience

Think about sharing your mandamus success with others going through similar immigration challenges. Your story can spark hope and offer valuable insights for those struggling with unreasonable administrative processing delays. 

Jumping into online forums, placing a Google review, recording a testimonial with Josh, or joining support groups can be a great way to connect and inspire others.

Reflections and Gratitude

Josh reflects on the client’s amazingly fast mandamus success and expresses immense pride and gratitude for the opportunity to make a significant impact on this family's life. The client also shared their success story by placing a Google review in a heartfelt review on Josh's Google My Business account.

In Josh’s words:

"If you or someone you know is stuck in administrative processing, there is recourse. There is a solution to your problem. It involves suing the consulate. This is what I do. This is how I help people," affirms Josh.

Offering Wide-Ranging Immigration Assistance

Nowadays, Josh's has a team of immigration law experts. They specialize in a range of immigration legal assistance and visa delays resolutions with the help of mandamus lawsuits

For Josh, honesty and professionalism are the name of the mandamus success game. The firm offers no false promises. You’ll always get 100% US citizen immigration support from law experts. Lastly, transparent communication into lawsuit timeframes, processing times, and what lies ahead in your immigration journey is guaranteed. 

Unlock the Potential of Mandamus Success!

This isn't just one of Josh Goldstein’s success stories! We trust this mandamus success blog will inspire you and anyone you may know going through immigration challenges. 

Don't hesitate to reach out to Josh and his team for immigration law insights if you or a loved one is stuck in an unreasonable visa delay. Share your case today to find out how mandamus success can potentially assist you!

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