How to BREAK THROUGH visa delays at the National Visa Center!

Everything you need to know

Hey! It’s Josh here again.

It’s no secret:

The National Visa Center is a source of TREMENDOUS FRUSTRATION for people going through a VISA petition process.

In other words…It seems their job is to keep you stuck FOREVER.

(Which would make president Trump very happy…)

That’s why today, I want to share with you:

My Step By Step Guide To Successfully Expediting Your Case At The National VISA Center!

Whether you’ve been stuck because of:

  • A lack of response from the NVC

  • Incompetent immigration attorneys in the past

  • Or government officials unwilling to help & guide you

That’s all over!

I’ve recorded a video where I explain in detail how to break through the National Visa Center:

Play Video

All the best,


P.S. - Have you been stuck with your VISA petition process over the past few months?


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