Armenian Immigration in Boston

For the past century, Boston has been a sanctuary for Armenian immigrants as demonstrated in the American Community Survey in 2013. It states that over 25,000 Armenians have migrated to Massachusetts, making it the second largest state where Armenian immigrants reside. The first being California.

After the death of 1.5 million Armenians during the genocide in 1915 where they were targeted by the Ottoman Empire, the first of Armenian immigrants landed in Boston to escape the oppression. Since then, immigrants have had to navigate their way through the bureaucratic confusion due to a variety of aspects of immigration law. Hiring the right lawyer for Armenian immigration in Boston will only benefit you in protecting your rights.

There are various technical steps involved in the immigration process that need to be done properly in order to ensure success. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Service administers any individual’s adjustment of status and due to the intricate regulations, it is important that during any of the following processes, you are properly represented by a valued Boston lawyer.

Visas and Green Cards. Some immigrants are qualified to receive temporary non-immigrant visas while others qualify for a “green card” or permanent legal residence.

Removal and Deportation. Proceeding in Immigration Court go before the Board of Immigration Appeals, appellate courts and federal district court. If you have surpassed or violated the terms of your visa, entered the U.S. unlawfully, or are a green card holder, you may face removal or deportation.

Asylum. Armenians may seek Asylum before the USCIS office where conditions will be investigated to determine if the alleged conditions of the country have validity enough to grant a protected stay.

Family Immigration. Working together with an Armenian immigration lawyer will help you in the evaluation process to help members of your family with a green card of family-based visa.

Business Immigration. An attorney can help with the process of getting an employment-related visa.

Criminal Issues. Whether your status is a visa holder or permanent resident, getting arrested or being convicted of a crime can affect your status. You should not avoid the issue or withdraw from the matter because it can only cause irreversible consequences. Hiring a local Boston attorney that specializes in defense for the Armenian community will benefit you. You are your lawyer’s priority which means that no one will defend your rights or best interest in a criminal legal matter.

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