Green Card through Marriage

All you need is love? Perhaps, but it takes a skillful immigration lawyer to successfully maneuver through the frustrating U.S. immigration bureaucracy.

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Make sure that your green card application process is stress-free.

Call Boston immigration attorney Joshua Goldstein at (617) 722-0005

Immigration Attorney Joshua Goldstein has helped countless couples obtain green cards and work permits through marriage. At the Boston immigration law firm of Goldstein Immigration Lawyers, our immigration lawyers are skilled and experienced in all aspects of the marriage-based immigration process. With the assistance of a knowledgeable immigration lawyer, you can avoid delays and ensure that your case is well-documented and successful.

Immigration attorneys at the Massachusetts Goldstein Immigration Lawyers are ready to take responsibility for every step of the marriage-based immigration process, from completing the forms and compiling documents and evidence, to preparing you and accompanying you and your spouse to the final immigration interview.


Helping you prepare for a successful green card interview

To obtain a greencard, you must appear at an immigration interview before an USCIS immigration officer. At this immigration interview, you and your spouse will be questioned and expected to produce “clear and convincing evidence” that your marriage is genuine and bona fide and was entered into for good faith reasons. With considerable experience in marriage-based immigration cases, Boston immigration attorney Joshua L. Goldstein stands ready to advise you on how best to document that your marriage is bona fide. Even before your applications are submitted, Attorney Goldstein will help you gather joint financial documents, evidence of joint residency and joint tax records to ensure your success in the immigration process. Finally, Massachusetts immigration lawyer Joshua Goldstein will attend your immigration interview and be at your side to represent you as your immigration attorney.

Experienced legal counsel for problem marriage immigration cases

Attorney Goldstein often takes on difficult immigration cases after a problem interview where the applicants have appeared at their immigration interview without an immigration attorney or with an attorney who is so ineffective that he or she is the equivalent of having no attorney.

Common problems in marriage visa and marriage-based greencard cases:

  • Unstable marriages
  • Criminal convictions
  • Immigration violations
  • Periods of living apart
  • Lack of persuasive joint financial documentation
  • Divorce
  • Arrest or incarceration of a petitioning U.S. citizen husband or wife
  • Death of a petitioning U.S. citizen husband or wife
  • Children out of wedlock
  • Domestic violence, abuse or extreme cruelty, battered spouses
  • Cases involving the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), which applies equally to both men and women

If your marriage-based immigration case involves one of these difficulties, you MUST have an effective and knowledgeable immigration attorney. Attorney Joshua Goldstein is eager to act immediately on your behalf.

Legal Guidance for the Affidavit of Support, I-864

If you wish to petition for your spouse to obtain permanent residency, you must accept legal responsibility for his or her financial support by completing a Form I-864, Affidavit of Support. Your immigration case will be denied unless your affidavit of support is backed up by evidence that your income exceeds the minimum requirement of 125% of the federal poverty limit for the most recent tax year for your household size. At the Boston immigration law firm of the Goldstein Immigration Lawyers, our immigration attorneys will work tirelessly to make sure your Form I-864, affidavit of support is well-documented and successful. Our immigration clients sometimes must rely on a joint sponsor, co-sponsor or alternative documentation of assets or income. By working with an experienced and knowledgeable family immigration attorney, you save yourself time, trouble, and the potential for delays or outright denial caused by incomplete or improperly prepared immigration paperwork.

Adjustment of Status (I-485) or Consular Processing?

There are two ways to obtain permanent residence or green card status for the spouse of a U.S. citizen or green card holder: adjustment of status and consular processing. These two immigration options offer relative advantages and disadvantages.

  • Adjustment of Status involves filing an application (Form I-485) for the husband or wife of a U.S. citizen who was inspected and admitted or paroled into the United States, or who is the spouse of a permanent resident who has maintained lawful nonimmigrant or parole status and for whom a visa is currently available.
  • Consular processing is an attractive option when the foreign husband or wife lives outside the United States. Scheduling an interview may be faster at a US consulate abroad than at a USCIS office here in the US.

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