Immigration Consultation

If you are interested in hiring our firm or need advice about your immigration options, we would be delighted to hear from you. Our Boston immigration team offers a one-time paid consultation with an immigration attorney at no further obligation.

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What to expect from an Immigration Consultation

We consider your initial consultation to be a clinical examination. This meeting allows us to get acquainted and to determine the basic nature of your immigration problem. During your immigration consultation, you should expect an immigration lawyer to:

  • Review the details of your immigration situation thoroughly
  • Answer questions that you have about your immigration case
  • Explain all immigration benefits for which you may qualify
  • Help you plan an immigration strategy for success
  • Provide you with an fee estimate and discuss payment plans or billing arrangements

What NOT to expect during an Immigration Consultation

Attorney Goldstein, during the consultation, cannot review your paperwork for completeness or accuracy. If you are determined to handle your immigration case on your own, without hiring an attorney, Attorney Goldstein cannot provide you instruction or advice on how to do that.

Consultation Does NOT establish an Attorney-Client Relationship

We would be honored to have the privilege of handling your immigration case. And we hope that you decide to hire us and become our client. But you do not become a client of our firm simply by having a consultation.  Should you decide to hire us, and should we decide to accept your immigration case, then we would ask you to sign a written representation agreement, spelling out the scope of our services, fees, and other terms and conditions. But consultation alone does not create either an Attorney-Client relationship or any obligation to provide any services other than the consultation itself.

Consultation Fee

We offer a free initial consultation. We can consult by phone, email, Skype, IM. We accept all major credit/debit cards and payment in cash or money order. Unfortunately, we do not accept payment by personal check for consultations.

In some instances, we offer a free consultation for corporate clients (i.e., employers).

“Can you tell me how much you will charge to handle my case before meeting with me?”

No, and here’s why. For the immigration cases that I handle, I typically charge a fixed legal fee, which varies based on the facts and complexity of the case. Unfortunately, I cannot estimate the costs for your case without first meeting with you and reviewing your case carefully. You may believe that your immigration case is straightforward, routine and simple but there may be legal issues or difficulties that you haven’t spotted.

Consultations with Immigration Lawyers in Boston or Los Angeles or by phone or virtual meetings

We offer in-person immigration consultations at our office located in downtown Boston, Massachusetts near the USCIS Boston District Office and the Immigration Court. We also offer in-person immigration consultations in downtown Los Angeles. There is simply no substitute for an in-depth, face-to-face meeting with an experienced immigration lawyer. This option is our preferred method of analyzing your immigration case. But if you need help or advice, we offer immigration consultations by phone or virtual meetings or any other manner that is convenient for you. Regardless of which form of consultation you choose, an immigration attorney will be ready to thoroughly analyze your immigration case and carefully explain your rights and options.

What to bring to your consultation

Documentation: Bring all documentation related to your immigration matter. The more documentation you bring us, the easier it will be for us to accurately evaluate your immigration options. Visit our documentation page for more details about the documentation that we would ideally like to review at your immigration consultation.

Interpreters: If you cannot communicate in English or Spanish, please bring someone with you who can interpret for you. Hablamos español.

Your spouse or fiance: If your immigration case is based on marriage to a US citizen, we ask that both you and your spouse or significant other to come meet with us.