Monterey Park Immigration Lawyer

Monterey Park Immigration Lawyer

Monterey Park Immigration Lawyer

Monterey Park, California is one of the cities in Los Angeles county that is characterized by its rapidly-growing immigrant population. It currently has the largest Asian American population of any municipality in the United States. Knowing that there is a substantial population of immigrants and their American-born descendants can make a particular city attractive to individuals who are considering emigrating to the United States because of the linguistic and cultural opportunities offered in that city.

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    Driving Directions from Monterey Park, CA

    If you’re in need of a Monterey Park immigration lawyer, visit our office in central Los Angeles. We’re only 20 minutes from Monterey Park

    • Get on I-10 W in Alhambra
    • Continue on I-10 W. Take San Bernardino Fwy to N Grand Ave in Los Angeles. Take exit 3 from US-101 N
    • Follow N Grand Ave to Wilshire Blvd

    Work With an Experienced Monterey Park Immigration Attorney

    Joshua L. Goldstein is an experienced immigration attorney who can provide you with the legal guidance and representation you need if you are facing any of the following legal issues:

    •         Writ of Mandamus;
    •         Citizenship and Naturalization;
    •         Obtaining a green card through family;
    •         Obtaining a green card through marriage;
    •         Form I-751, Green Card Renewal for Conditional Residents;
    •         Visas, including Fiancé  Visas, Marriage Visas, K-1 Visa, K-3 Visa, and K-4 Visa;
    •         Immigrating consultation;
    •         Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA);
    •         Deferred Action (DACA) renewal
    •         Form I-601A, Waiver Immigration Lawyer;
    •         Cuban Adjustment Act;
    •         Violence Against Women Act (VAWA);
    •         Immigration benefits for same-sex couples;
    •         Documentation for Immigration consultation;
    •         Extreme Hardship explanation and determination.

    Working With Applicable California and Federal Law

    Immigration to the United States is governed by a variety of federal and state laws. Many of these laws, such as the Immigration and Nationality Act, are enforced across the USA by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. Certain laws, such as the California DREAM Act and the TRUST Act, are enforced at the state level.

    Immigration law is a broad area of law that deals with the issues that prospective and recent immigrants face. Because of the paperwork involved, the legal obstacles that can arise, and the language barrier that is often present when an individual immigrates to the United States, it is important that you work with a professional who understands all the facets of immigration law and how they can apply to you and your case.

    Immigration Attorney in Monterey Park, CA

    If you are a current or prospective immigrant facing legal problems with any of the forms or issues discussed above, work with the top Monterey Park immigration lawyer to resolve your issue quickly and easily. The Goldstein Immigration Lawyers can help you work through these issues by providing you with quality legal representation and advice. Answer a few questions and schedule your free case evaluation.