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The Latest Somerville Immigration News  

Recently, Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone signed an executive order that barred city police from detaining immigrants based on suspicion of living illegally in the area. Mayor Curtatone said that this move will help in making area communities secure and that it will also help the members of the community in living and working without any kind of fear. Some of the points to ponder from the signing of this executive order are: Continue reading “The Latest Somerville Immigration News  “

The Benefits of Immigration

Other than abortion, few other issues invite more contentious debate than immigration reform. Our two major political parties constantly spar over the implications of granting a path to citizenship for nearly 11 million or so undocumented aliens in our country, believing that to do so rewards illegal conduct and merely invites more people to break the law. Other arguments are that it gives more votes to Democrats and takes away skilled and unskilled labor jobs from American citizens. Continue reading “The Benefits of Immigration”

What is Marriage Fraud?

Many people want to get a Green Card in the US, and they go to great lengths to do so. This often includes getting into a sham marriage, or, as it is known in legal terms, committing marriage fraud. While it seems like an easy way to get a Green Card, it can land both parties in hot water, as USICS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services) officials have ample experience to know which marriages are real and which are fraud. Some of the factors that indicate that a marriage might be fraud in the eyes of USICS are: Continue reading “What is Marriage Fraud?”

Boston Trust Act News

Living and working in the city of Boston has always been an issue for skilled immigrant labor, but with the reforms in immigration law, things are looking up for immigrants. Boston is set to become a part of a growing number of cities that have laws similar to the Trust Act. Under the Boston Trust Act, only the most dangerous criminals or immigrants with criminal records will be held in custody and deported. The new immigration law will have far reaching effects in making the community secure. Some of the benefits of the Boston Trust Act are: Continue reading “Boston Trust Act News”

Unaccompanied Minors are Crossing the U.S. Border

With the increasing violence in Mexico and Central America, many children are abandoned or become orphans and flee to the U.S. in an attempt to find refuge. They make their way into the country through any means possible, and many of them end up entering illegally. Because of their potential refugee status, many of them end up staying in the country. Continue reading “Unaccompanied Minors are Crossing the U.S. Border”

Boston Immigration News Update

For workers in skilled labor industries, Boston immigration is an issue close to their hearts, as it affects their status in the community as well as their means of livelihood. With the recent reforms in immigration law, things are on a course of change that will make it easier for skilled labor to get jobs and be active members of the community. Continue reading “Boston Immigration News Update”