Rebecca Villegas

Rebecca Villegas

Rebecca Villegas is a member of the Intake team at Goldstein Immigration Lawyers, having joined in April 2022. Hailing from Venezuela, Rebecca is driven by her passion for helping others achieve their goals, and her role as an Intake Specialist enables her to do just that.

With a belief that every life experience helps guide one's future path, Rebecca has learned from her experiences and uses them to grow both personally and professionally. Her positive attitude and eagerness to learn have made her a valuable asset to the Intake team.

In her role as an Intake Specialist, Rebecca is responsible for evaluating potential clients' immigration cases and providing them with the necessary information and guidance about the process of immigration. She takes pride in her work and strives to provide the best possible service to clients.

Rebecca Villegas - Intake Specialist - Intake and Sales Team

Rebecca's dedication and commitment to helping others make her a valuable member of the Goldstein Immigration Lawyers team. Her positive attitude and eagerness to learn have enabled her to contribute to the team's success and growth.