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Immigration law success story for the 4th of July!

Written by Josh Goldstein on July 6, 2015

As an immigration lawyer, I love nothing more than taking on and winning difficult cases.

We all know that some immigration law cases are just not easy. To win, it takes grit, determination, and an abundance of patience.


2015 Boston Immigration Law Scholarship Winner!

Written by Josh Goldstein on July 2, 2015

The Law Offices of Joshua L. Goldstein are pleased to announce that we have chosen Zulma Munoz as the 2015 winner of our Boston Immigration Law Scholarship! We were overwhelmed by the excellent applications we received for the scholarship, all of which evoked the struggles and challenges of the…Read More

Republicans and Immigration

Written by Josh Goldstein on June 8, 2015

Shortly after Memorial Day 2015 the federal appeals court blocked the Obama Administration’s plan to offer a projected 4 million undocumented immigrants some relief from the threat of deportation. It is now being discussed as a blow to immigrant groups, a restraint on Obama’s executive authority, and another potential…Read More

Armenian Immigration in Boston

Written by Josh Goldstein on June 2, 2015

For the past century, Boston has been a sanctuary for Armenian immigrants as demonstrated in the American Community Survey in 2013. It states that over 25,000 Armenians have migrated to Massachusetts, making it the second largest state where Armenian immigrants reside. The first being California.


Marriage Fraud Ring Busted

Written by Josh Goldstein on April 30, 2015

Getting married for the sole purpose of obtaining a U.S. greencard or lawful residency is a type of fraud, and is illegal under federal law. And, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has been cracking down on marriage fraud more than ever before – in late April of 2015, 27 different…Read More

Marriage Fraud: A Growing Problem in the U.S.

Written by Josh Goldstein on March 2, 2015

For some immigrants, the idea of marrying an American citizen to gain legal status within the U.S. is a tempting idea – some will even go so far as to commit marriage fraud. Marriage fraud is the act of engaging in a fraudulent marriage, usually by bribing an individual with…Read More