Ted Cruz and Immigration: What to Expect if He Wins the Election

If there is one topic that Ted Cruz has flip-flopped on, it is that of immigration. Despite his extremely conservative ways, immigration is one issue that Mr. Cruz has always held a softer position on. In fact, the Texan has been a long-time advocate for expanding avenues for legal immigration into the United States, particularly for high-skilled workers.

But his once open stance on legal immigration into the U.S., including making more visas available for eligible immigrants, may have come to an end; Ted Cruz is now pushing for a halt on immigration, legal and otherwise.

Once an Advocate for Legal Immigration

Ted Cruz has been one of the few conservative republicans who has continuously advocated for immigrants’ rights over the course of his tenure. While never once using the word “amnesty,” Cruz’s political history includes him continuously saying that he wanted to expand legal immigration, and he even told reporters, quoted by CNN News, that he thinks “legal immigration is a fundamental pillar of our country,” and that he believes we should remain a nation that “”doesn’t just welcome, but celebrates legal immigrants around this table.” In the past, Cruz has also supported expansion of temporary guest workers permitted to come into the United States, as well as expansion of the number of green cards available.

Cruz Makes a Shift

While Cruz may have once been a proponent for bringing immigrants into the country, those views seem to have been tabled for now. In November, Cruz issued his immigration plan, which is even more conservative than legislation that has been proposed—and that Cruz has stood up against—in the past. To be sure, Cruz’s plan would:

  • Halt legal immigration until the rate of unemployment in the United States decreases;
  • End birthright citizenship – those born in the United States would no longer be considered U.S. citizens;
  • Suspend the H-1B visa program (visas for foreign workers) for 180 days with the intent of investigating allegations of abuse within the program.

The plan, to put it simply, is not one that lends much hope to immigrants—both documented and otherwise—living within the country, nor immigrants hoping to make the journey to the U.S.

How an Immigration Attorney Can Help You

If you are an undocumented immigrant currently living within the United States, you may have fears and questions about what your future holds, and what the future of U.S. immigration policy is. While both are unclear, the immigrations attorneys at Goldstein Immigration Lawyers can advocate for you and for your right to remain within the country. For a case consultation where we can discuss your immigration status and how your right to remain here may be protected, call us today at 323-484-907.

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