Obama Considering Ways to Increase Green Cards

President Barack Obama has been trying to mitigate the immigration issues facing Americans today, including many immigrants, both legal and illegal. He is trying to find a way to increase the number of annual green cards from 366,000 to nearly double that amount, drastically shortening wait times.

The president is looking to decrease the number of illegal immigrants by making it legal for more immigrants to come to America, with skilled workers and their families in the forefront.

Having your green card means that you can work in America, or join a family member that is legally working in America or a permanent US resident.  Republicans are pushing hard against this move, and with the upcoming mid-term elections, Obama is showing signs of backing off for a time.

Family Members Residing in Boston Green Card Application

If you have a family member that lives in Boston, MA you may be eligible for a Boston green card. Family members that may qualify you include:

  • Your spouse or an unmarried child under age 21
  • Unmarried children over age 21
  • Married children
  • Siblings

Green card law gives preference to those at the top of the above list, with priority levels dropping in each category. If you have family in Boston, contact a Boston green card lawyer as soon as possible, and we’ll help reunite you with them.

Employment-Based Green Card Applications

Under green card law, you can go through a process of “labor certification.” This requires an active job offer in the US, and documentation to prove that there are no American workers to do the work you’ve been offered.

If you’ve been offered a job in the US, and would like to apply for a green card to become an American resident, contact a Boston green card lawyer as soon as possible, so we can help you through this process.

Diversity Visa Lottery Program Registration

If you’re waiting for a green card, you may consider filing a registration to the DV Lottery Program, which awards 50,000 annual visas to randomly selected individuals that meet the lottery’s criteria. There is no fee to file an application, but those immigrants awarded the visa will be subject to regular visa fees.

Contacting a Boston Green Card Lawyer

If President Obama finds a way to increase green cards, you stand a better chance of making it to the US as a legal citizen. Having a Boston green card lawyer will help with the legal process and speed up the decision making process contact Attorney Josh Goldstein Today!

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