Massachusetts Trust Act is a Step in the Right Direction

Deportation for minor offenses has always been a threat for hard working immigrants who have been trying to make a living in the United States. Boston, Massachusetts was the first region where the program known as Secure Communities (S-Comm) was implemented.

This program led to the deportation of a large number of persons who were arrested for minor offenses, with no criminal records whatsoever. Here are some things to know about the S-Comm deportation program:

  • More than 68% of persons deported through the program had no criminal convictions
  • Several Massachusetts mayors have opposed the program
  • A similar bill was passed in California and Connecticut last year

Massachusetts Trust Act Can Help in Building a Stronger Community

With this Trust Act in place, immigrants with no criminal record will no longer be in danger of being deported if they report a public misdemeanor. The University of Illinois, Chicago conducted a nationwide study and found that almost 50% of the Latinos surveyed were reluctant in informing the police personnel if they witnessed a crime or were victimized. This hesitation was only because of their immigrant status as they feared police inquiry would get them deported.

The Trust Act can help in building a stronger community in the following ways:

  • The act will limit unjust deportations based on minor charges
  • The act will restore trust between the police and immigrants, thus increasing public safety
  • The act will reduce the excessive financial burden on the local government

Why Immigrants Need to Understand Immigrant Law

Immigrants working in Boston, Massachusetts need to learn about the laws of the state and the various aspects associated with it. This can help them in getting legitimate paperwork that will allow them to work and live in the Boston community.

With the help of the right immigration attorney, immigrants can find out how they can get the necessary paperwork and be legal residents of the state. More than that our Immigration Lawyer Josh Goldstein can represent immigrants in a court of law if they’re facing deportation.  Call us today for a consultation:  617-722.0005.

A professional immigration attorney who knows the ins and outs of immigration law can be of great help to any immigrant facing any kind of legal issues. Here is why immigrants should consider hiring the services of a professional immigration attorney:

  • An attorney can give professional advice on all Boston immigration issues
  • An attorney has previous experience in Boston immigration cases
  • An attorney will have an in-depth understanding of Boston immigration laws

Take the time to find the right attorney who can help immigrants with various issues regarding immigration in the Boston area.

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