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Recently, Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone signed an executive order that barred city police from detaining immigrants based on suspicion of living illegally in the area. Mayor Curtatone said that this move will help in making area communities secure and that it will also help the members of the community in living and working without any kind of fear. Some of the points to ponder from the signing of this executive order are:

  • This order will free up local police resources to tackle legitimate threats to society
  • This order will help in building safer neighborhoods
  • Somerville is the first city in Massachusetts to enforce such an order
  • This order has received immense support from cities around the country

 The Issue of Skilled Labor Immigration in Boston

The issue of immigrant labor in Boston has always been in news for one or the other reason. From the ICE to the local NGOs working for the benefit of immigrant labor, there is always something happening associated with the rights of skilled labor in Boston. With the industries and businesses operating in Boston, skilled labor is not only a need but a necessity. To work and start businesses in the Boston region, immigrants need to understand local immigration law and to consult with an immigration lawyer who can help them with the legal aspects of Boston immigration. Some benefits of hiring the services of an immigration lawyer are:

  • An immigration lawyer can explain the legalities in layman’s terms
  • A lawyer can help you in properly filling out immigration forms
  • A lawyer can streamline the entire immigration process
  • A lawyer can give you valuable insights into the immigration process

 Boston Immigration Can be Easy with the Help of an Immigration Lawyer

For skilled laborers, it is easy to find opportunities in Boston industries, and with help of a Boston immigration lawyer, these laborers can work legally in Boston, Massachusetts. There are several skilled lawyers in Boston who specialize in immigration cases, and they understand the latest legal developments that can affect the immigration approval chances of their clients. Here are some things you should look for when choosing a Boston immigration lawyer:

  • Check out the lawyer’s experience in the field of immigration
  • Check the lawyer’s credentials with the local Bar association
  • Check the previous immigration cases that the lawyer has handled

With help of a knowledgeable immigration lawyer, immigration to Boston can be an easy and trouble free process. Call us today for more information.

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