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As an attorney who routines files green card, citizenship and other immigration cases with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS), I love INFOPASS. INFOPASS offers the best way to communicate with USCIS. Don’t waste your time with USCIS National Customer Service Center 800# (800-375-5283). And USCIS’s online case status system tends to be inaccurate. But INFOPASS works well.

USCIS Boston District Office, in a policy change, will now only meet with those who have scheduled an INFOPASS appointment online through the website of USCIS. The Boston immigration office will longer take walk-ins, except for emergencies. What constitutes an emergency? A supervisory will make that call in on a case-by-case basis.

Here are a few other points about USCIS INFOPASS:

  • INFOPASS is not substitute for an effective immigration lawyer. The immigration officers in Boston have the best of intentions and are well-trained. But INFOPASS isn’t designed for those seeking legal advice.
  • Don’t go to INFOPASS if you think that you might be out of status. If you have overstayed your visa or failed to maintain your student status, then you could be arrested or placed in removal or deportation proceedings if immigration officers discover your violations.
  • I find INFOPASS most useful for checking the status of a pending immigration case or for solving other problems with USCIS.

If you need help with an immigration case, please call me in my Boston immigration law office at 617-722-0005.

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