Immigration law success story for the 4th of July!

As an immigration lawyer, I love nothing more than taking on and winning difficult cases.

We all know that some immigration law cases are just not easy. To win, it takes grit, determination, and an abundance of patience.

Getting citizenship from one of my clients was a tremendous battle. He had many criminal cases and other discretionary issues. The USCIS officer was openly hostile at his naturalization interview. We faced a nasty Request for Evidence. But, in the end, USCIS granted his case. He got his naturalization oath ceremony notice just in time for the Independence Day holiday.

Here are his kind words:

Hi, I wanted to share my story and the work of Goldstein Immigration Lawyers during this 4th of July weekend. I have attempted to receive my citizenship for over a decade with much difficulty. My first attempt was denied in 1999. This time I chose to seek legal council, and Attorney Goldstein’s firm a few years ago. I’m not sure if you knew what he was getting himself into, but decided to take my case and began the arduous process of submitting my application.

I had a complicated case, with some unique challenges, which a prior attorney struggled with preparing. That was not the case for Josh, he and his staff thoroughly went through every detail in my case, and prepared a plan of action. It was an exhaustive process, which required tracking down a multitude of documentation and paperwork from a variety of sources. However, they took much of that burden off me and worked with me patiently to ensure my application was robust and complete. Believe me when I tell you, there was a tremendous amount of communication, and although I grew frustrated with the process at times, they never did with me. At all times they remained professional, empathetic, and spoke honestly every step of the way.

I specifically want to thank Kristen for her professionalism and communication, and Eric for attending the interview with me. The burden and stress that you have lifted off, not only my shoulders, but my parents, cannot properly be quantified. I have been checking the mail almost daily since March, with nervous anticipation, and yesterday, 2 days prior to the 4th, I received a letter that signified one of the proudest moments in my life; I will be an American on July 17th, 2015.

The amount of gratitude and appreciation I owe to you, and your firm is overwhelming. I thank god I chose you to represent my interest and help make this 4th one of the best of my 36 years of existence. Thank you Joshua Goldstein, the work you and your office does is truly remarkable and my family and I thank you all immensely. Have a great 4th of July weekend, I certainly will thanks to you!”

Do you have a complex or messy immigration case? If so, never give up. If you’re determined to win, then you’ve got the right mindset. Of course, a good immigration lawyer is crucial as well.

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