No Immigration Executive Order on the Horizon

Recent delays in immigration law executive orders are putting a large number of undocumented skilled labor workers in danger of being deported to countries where they couldn’t support their children. President Barack Obama had been planning an executive order to change immigration law.

This order would have put to rest several arguments against allowing undocumented workers to remain in the US, but pressure from his fellow Democrats running in Republican states has put pause to his promises of Amnesty. The president has pushed his decision until after the elections, and now says he will make a reasonable order before the end of 2014.

 Boston Immigration Policy

The Boston Immigration Court is where a judge will decide whether or not you have legal grounds to remain in America. Boston immigration policy follows federal laws, as well as state laws, and before you are removed, there is a process that courts must comply with. You can appeal the decision to be removed at the Boston Immigration Court, based on the following claims:

  • Asylum
  • Adjustment of status
  • Suspension of deportation

 Do You Need an Immigration Lawyer?

If you’re in America and undocumented, it’s a good idea to get yourself protected, as the government has been deporting unprecedented numbers of undocumented immigrants.

The government cannot deport you without a court summons and hearing. At your hearing, you have the right to be represented by an immigration lawyer. Avoiding deportation won’t be easy without an experienced immigration lawyer at your side in court.

 Skilled Labor Workers

Boston immigration policy may have space for you to maneuver in, if you’re a skilled labor worker. You may be eligible for a legal work visa or other documentation that would allow you to remain in the US.

 Reasons the DHS May Be Trying to Deport You

There are several laws that the Department of Homeland Security have to abide by. If you’re in any of these categories, they may send you a Notice to Appear, which is a court summons, to deportation proceedings in the Boston Immigration Court:

  • Your visa has expired and you are no longer a legal immigrant
  • You were not investigated by immigration before entering America
  • You had no visa or other legal immigration documentation when entering the US
  • You’ve broken your green card agreement by committing a crime
  • Your immigration application has been denied

 Contacting a Boston Immigration Lawyer

If you’ve received a notice to appear, contact an experienced immigration lawyer. Our immigration attorneys are experienced and can help you find the best route to remaining in America, with our knowledge of immigration law.

With the changes in immigration law being deferred for the time being, contacting an immigration lawyer for advice about your status is important, even if you haven’t received your Notice to Appear yet.

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