Immigration and Citizenship Documentary on the History Channel

Citizenship, naturalization and the immigration experience will be the subject of a new History Channel featured-film documentary.  The immigration film will be called The Naturalized.  It is currently being filmed in Boston, Massachusetts and nationally across the United States.The immigration documentary tells the story of several immigrants as they follow their diverse paths to U.S. citizenship.  The film highlights aspects of the US immigration system including asylum, marriage, children, deportation, Immigration Court, military service, and denaturalization.

The filmmakers are currently looking for people who would like to be featured in the documentary and are willing to share their immigration and citizenship stories.  More specifically, the filmmakers are hoping to speak with people with the following types of immigration cases:

Marriage-based Green Card:  the filmmakers would like to film an adjustment of status interview, where a married couple is looking to gain permanent residency for the immigrating spouse.

Immigration and Military Service:  Someone on active duty in the military who is currently going through, or about to go through the naturalization process.

Asylum:  An asylum seeker going through some part of the asylum or green card process, or someone with asylum status who has applied for a green card or U.S. citizenship.

If there is going to be some action on your immigration case soon and you want to be involved in this immigration documentary, contact Julie Almendral at “Julie at flcikerflacker dot com” or by phone, 718-222-1776.

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