What Immigrants Need to Know About the MA Safe Driving Bill

For undocumented workers, driving is a part of life. Many times, they work in places where public transport is not available and this can lead to problems for them when they have to drive a vehicle without a license or the required paperwork.

Recently, the State of Massachusetts has been discussing passing the Safe Driving Bill that would allow immigrant workers to drive legally with a license meant only for the purpose of driving a vehicle. This license will not only allow undocumented workers to drive legally, but it will also help the state government in raising up to $15 million in revenue and associated benefits, such as driving schools and license renewals. Here are some highlights from the Safe Driving Bill hearing:

  • Several non-profit organizations are in favor of this bill
  • This bill will make roads safer for all as only eligible drivers will be given licenses
  • Residents would be able to apply for a driver’s permit without a Social Security Number
  • The license would allow the holder only the right to drive and no other benefit

If Passed, the Safe Driving Bill Will be Beneficial for  Undocumented  Workers

Presently, many undocumented workers drive without a license, which is the reason for a multitude of problems. Many people do not have the proper training or understanding of the rules for driving and when they drive, they’re not only a danger to others on the road, but also to themselves.

With proper licensing reforms in place, these drivers would be able to get driving training and education about driving rules. Also, in case of an accident, having the license and contact information for a person can make the insurance proceedings easier for both parties. Here are some advantages of the Safe Driving Bill:

  • The bill, if passed, will generate revenue for the state government
  • This bill can help immigrants become part of the society by legal means
  • States where this bill is a norm have shown a reduction in accidents and driving crimes
  • The bill, if passed, will make a driver’s test and insurance essential for applicants

Many other states have already put this bill in motion and they have received a positive response from the immigrant community as well as present members of society. This bill can act as a foundation for further reforms in the immigrant community until they can get proper documentation and legally work in the community. Overall, this bill will make the roads safer for everyone and provide several benefits to both the drivers and the government.

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