Immigrants in California: Republicans Soften Their Views

Immigrants in California: As Republicans Soften Their Views, Will Immigrants Have Brighter Futures?

There is no question that the stance that many conservatives in the United States have taken against immigrants has been tough at best. Others would call it calculated, cold, and inhumane. Regardless of how it is labeled, though, a change among the republican party’s attitude towards immigrants, at least in California, has occurred. Be it genuine or to get voters out to the polls this election season, the California Republican Party has voted to soften its stance on immigration.

California Republican Party’s New Stance

Recently, the California Republican Party adopted a new platform. The new amendment to the party’s platform reads that Republican hold “diverse views” on what to do with the “millions of people who are currently here illegally.” The new stance takes it a step further by also removing a previous statement from the platform stating that allowing “immigrants to remain in California undermines respect for the law.”

While this may not be the most accepting of statements, it is also not a blanket statement insisting upon immediate deportation or the construction of a large wall. And, Marcelino Valdez, a Latino republican party official, has said that Donald Trump’s — who is currently the party’s frontrunner — comments on immigration are offensive. The above quotes are from the LA Times.

What Does the Change Mean for Immigrants in California?

Unfortunately, not much. While Republicans may be softening their hearts towards immigrants in theory, it is unknown what the future will hold. And, with many states outright suing the Obama administration for the 2014 immigration overhaul (which was made by executive order), whether or not many immigrants will get the amnesty that they deserve is up in the air. At least in California, there are a large number of sanctuary cities in which immigrants can take refuge while the fate of their lives is determined.

How a Los Angeles Immigration Attorney Can Help You

Not knowing what your rights are as an immigrant, fearing deportation, or facing criminal charges as an undocumented person can be terrifying. If you are in any of these situations, or if a loved one of yours is in immigration trouble, do not wait to contact an experienced Los Angeles immigration attorney who is passionate about protecting your rights. At Goldstein Immigration Lawyers we will do everything that we can to prevent deportation and mitigate criminal charges. If you have questions pertaining to immigration law or your rights as an immigrant in California, call us today for a consultation at 617-722-0005.

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