If you use an immigration lawyer, will USCIS suspect that something is wrong with your immigration case?

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At a meeting in my immigration law office in Boston, a potential client recently asked me this question:

I’m interested in hiring an immigration lawyer to prepare my green card case. But is it risky to use an immigration lawyer? I’m concerned that if USCIS sees that I have an immigration lawyer, the immigration officer might get suspicious. By using an immigration lawyer, perhaps the officer will presume that my case has some problem or issue.

The notion that an immigration officer will suspect that your case has some problem simply because you have hired an immigration lawyer is utter nonsense–a complete myth. Everyone has the legal right to be represented by an immigration lawyer of their own choosing. In my experience, using an immigration lawyer never generates suspicion that your case has a problem.

Anyone can fill in your name and address on an immigration form. But only an experienced, effective immigration attorney can spot issues before they crop up. If you decide to prepare your immigration case on your own, without an immigration lawyer, you do so at your own peril. You may think that you don’t need an immigration lawyer because you assume that your case is easy. But without an immigration lawyer, you can’t be sure that you’ve seen all the relevant issues. You might need a complicated immigration waiver and not even know it!

So, you now know that if you need help with an immigration issue, you can feel free to hire me or consult with me without fear of reprisal!

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