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Yasmin shokoohi
5 months ago
my life was miserable before I found this firm... I was living alone in the U.S and had applied for my husband's IV for 5 years...
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3 weeks ago
GOLDSTEIN IMMIGRATION LAWYERS' firm is a one-stop destination for all solutions pertaining to USCIS. Every single interaction with Josh & their team makes one feel...
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7 months ago
I have just had the most extraordinary and wonderful experience with Josh Goldstein. I was working with a different law firm to get my...

Goldstein Immigration Lawyers Can Help You Determine If You’re Eligible For A Writ Of Mandamus We Have More Experience with Mandamus Lawsuits than Nearly Any Other Law Firm

When you submit an application to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), whether it’s for a green card (I-485, Application for Adjustment of Status), a citizenship application (N-400, Application for Naturalization) or something else, your immigration case can be delayed for many reasons. While a majority of delays are due to FBI “name checks” or security checks, your application may be stuck in the immigration system because USCIS has not consolidated part of your immigration file.

A lot of our clients have been told there is nothing wrong with their application - that it is simply “pending,” or “under review.” No matter which of these scenarios fits your specific case, a delay in achieving your immigration goals can be extremely stressful. Your life plans shouldn’t be put on hold! You deserve an answer. One of your options may be to file a writ of mandamus, which is essentially a lawsuit that can compel the court to make a decision promptly.

At Goldstein Immigration Lawyers, we take pride in the trustworthy and transparent team we’ve created. Mandamus is a niche law area that we’ve got years of practice in and we’ve received countless client reviews that have proven our methods to be effective. The first step in our process at Goldstein Immigration Lawyers is to determine definitively what your cause for delay is, so we can then decipher if you have a valid reason to file a writ of mandamus.

Our team filed 500+ lawsuits in 2022 alone. We have the experience you need on your side to resolve delays. When you are seeking legal advice and representation in any immigration matter, it is extremely important to consult an experienced attorney with a reputation for high ethical standards and a personal commitment to each client’s long-term success. That’s us! If your application with the USCIS is unreasonably delayed, don’t keep waiting; contact the attorneys at Goldstein Immigration Lawyers today.

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