Boston Trust Act News

Living and working in the city of Boston has always been an issue for skilled immigrant labor, but with the reforms in immigration law, things are looking up for immigrants. Boston is set to become a part of a growing number of cities that have laws similar to the Trust Act. Under the Boston Trust Act, only the most dangerous criminals or immigrants with criminal records will be held in custody and deported. The new immigration law will have far reaching effects in making the community secure. Some of the benefits of the Boston Trust Act are:

  • Skilled labor will be able to get better job opportunities
  • Immigrants will be able to call the police without fear of getting deported
  • This law will strengthen the relationship between law enforcement and the immigrant community
  • Increased interaction with law officials will lead to a lower crime rate

What Does the Boston Immigration Policy Mean for Skilled Labor?

With the Boston immigration policy in effect, skilled immigrant labor will not only be able to apply for new and better jobs, but they’ll also be able to get compensation as per their skill levels. As more skilled labor becomes part of Boston’s working class, they’ll not only aid the region’s development, but also create a better lifestyle for themselves. Here is how the immigration law will affect Boston’s skilled immigrant population:

  • Immigrants will be able to take up jobs that require advanced skills
  • Immigrants will be able to add to their skills by getting continuing education
  • Addition of immigrant labor to workforce will help in reducing the income gap
  • Immigrants can fulfill the requirements for skilled labor in Boston’s industries

How an Immigration Lawyer can Help Immigrants in Boston

Immigrants coming to Boston need not stay here as illegal citizens as they can get help from a reputed Boston immigration lawyer to help them in becoming legal members of Boston’s community. With years of experience in the field, immigration lawyers know how the system works and they can help immigrants in getting through the confusing, and often lengthy, immigration process. Some benefits of hiring the services of an immigration lawyer are:

  • A qualified lawyer can help immigrants to avoid deportation
  • A lawyer can check all the paper work and prevent any mistakes
  • A lawyer can prepare immigrants for the immigration interview and more
  • A lawyer can represent clients who are in custody or have pending cases

Getting help from an immigration lawyer is the first step towards becoming a legal citizen of Boston. Call us today for the help you need with legal immigration.