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Kong Xin Chen is Free!

Deportation Defense of Kong Xin Chen Kong's arrest and the prospect that he could be deported has visibly shaken his community in Marshfield, Massachusetts, drawing the attention of the Boston Globe, the Quincy, MA Patriot Ledger and other Massachusetts newspapers. Kong's case has earned the sympathy of state and congressional representatives and prompted his community to rally around him. His supporters have created a Free Kong Now Website, organized a fundraiser to help support his family and flooded my office with heartbreaking letters of support. READ MORE

Stopping the deportation of Kong Xin Chen

Many concerned friends in the Marshfield, Massachusetts community and fans of Mandarin and Tokyo restaurant have contacted me and asked me for information on Kong's immigration / deportation case and what they can do to help. As Kong's immigration and deportation defense lawyer, on my immigration blog I explained earlier the legal predicament that Kong is in and why a detailed letter of support is the best way to help him out. READ MORE

Prosecutorial Discretion and Motion to Reopen Request for Kong Xin Chen

Prosecutorial Discretion and Joint Motion to Reopen To the friends of Kong Xin's family and supports of the Mandarin Tokyo restaurant in Marshfield, Massachusetts, thank you for agreeing to help with a letter of support. As the immigration lawyer who is preparing Kong Xin's deportation defense case, I'm writing to give you some background on his case and to offer guidance on how to make your letter of support have as much impact as possible. READ MORE

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