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Boston Immigration Court welcomes Steven Day as its new Immigration Judge

Boston Green Card Lawyer News If you live in Massachusetts and are seeking a green card based on marriage, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has a new way of conducting adjustment of status interviews. At issue is whether the marriage is based on a relationship that the couple entered into for genuine, bona fide reasons. Traditionally, an immigration officer would conduct the marriage-based green card interview by sitting down together with the husband and wife together at the same time. The officer would question the couple and try to figure out whether the relationship was genuine or fraudulent. READ MORE

USCIS Boston District Office is moving from the JFK Federal Building to South Boston

It's official for immigration lawyers in Boston: the Boston Globe is reporting that U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will be moving from the JFK Federal Building to South Boston. More precisely, the immigration office will be at 5 Channel Center, a building in the Fort Point Channel area of South Boston that used to be artist studios. The move will take place in 2012. READ MORE

How to get Italian citizenship and other immigration questions that I have no idea how to answer

I consider myself to be an effective immigration lawyer. Want a green card? I can show you the options and assess your chances. Have some complicated legal issues but still interested in applying for naturalization to be a U.S. citizen? Or do you need an attorney to represent you in Immigration Court? I can help. But, as I'm an immigration lawyer in Boston, sometimes I get downright stumped. Here are some frequently asked questions that I have no idea how to answer: READ MORE

Boston Immigration Court and USCIS Boston–closed because of snow

Boston Deportation Lawyer Immigration lawyers in Boston like me might be in the office but snow is closing Immigration. Specifically, USCIS Boston District Offices and the USCIS Offices in Lawrence, Massachusetts, Bedford, New Hampshire and Johnston (Providence), Rhode Island and Portland, Maine have canceled interviews and InfoPass appointments for tomorrow (February 2, 2011) due to snow and bad weather READ MORE

INFOPASS at USCIS Boston District Office

Boston Green Card Lawyer As an attorney who routines files green card, citizenship and other immigration cases with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS), I love INFOPASS. INFOPASS offers the best way to communicate with USCIS. Don't waste your time with USCIS National Customer Service Center 800# (800-375-5283). And USCIS's online case status system tends to be inaccurate. But INFOPASS works well. READ MORE

Boston Immigration Court and USCIS will be closed on January 12, 2011

Boston Deportation Defense Lawyer News Boston Immigration Court, USCIS Boston District Office and other immigration agencies in and around Massachusetts, which are listed below, have announced closures tomorrow, January 12, 2011. Any scheduled appointments/appearances are canceled. Also, USCIS immigration office closures include the ASC fingerprint appointments as well. READ MORE

How to Get a Green Card in 27 days. A Boston Immigration Lawyer explains

Green Card Lawyer Boston, Massachusetts If I had a dollar for every time a client has told me that their friend got their green card is four weeks, I'd have been able to retire long ago. But the reality is that, right now, if everything goes perfectly, when someone living in the Boston, Massachusetts area seeks a green card through adjustment of status (I-485) based on a concurrently-filed visa petition (I-130) filed by through U.S. citizen spouse, the entire process takes about 5 months, give or take a month or so. READ MORE

“What is the phone number for Immigration in Boston?” An immigration lawyer answers

Boston Deportation Defense Lawyer As an immigration lawyer in Boston, I'm often asked if I know the phone number for Immigration in Boston, Massachusetts? If you have a pending green card application or citizenship cases and you live in the Boston, Massachusetts-area, surely U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has a local phone number that you could call to inquire as to the status of your immigration case, right? READ MORE

Our new immigration lawyer video is now live!

Boston Deportation Defense Lawyer The big news today is that my Boston immigration lawyer video is now up and live on Youtube and can be found here. This video couldn't have happened without the help of lots of talented people. But I owe an especially deep debt of gratitude to my former immigration clients--Hakim, Nerlande, Ade, Paxton and Silvia and Nurahmed. Your kind words humble me and remind me why I love being an immigration attorney. Please let me know what you think of my video. And if you want to gain U.S. citizenship, need help with an immigration waiver, representation in deportation hearings in Immigration Court or advice on your immigration options, call me at 617-722-0005. READ MORE

Has Immigration detained your friend or family member? Now you can find their location online!

Boston Deportation Lawyer Immigration and deportation defense lawyers now have a way to find the location of persons detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement by using ICE's new online detention locator system. If this online tool actually works as intended, this is an extremely useful development, which is long overdue. READ MORE

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