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Boston Immigration Court and USCIS Boston–closed because of snow

Boston Deportation Lawyer Immigration lawyers in Boston like me might be in the office but snow is closing Immigration. Specifically, USCIS Boston District Offices and the USCIS Offices in Lawrence, Massachusetts, Bedford, New Hampshire and Johnston (Providence), Rhode Island and Portland, Maine have canceled interviews and InfoPass appointments for tomorrow (February 2, 2011) due to snow and bad weather READ MORE

Boston Immigration Court and USCIS will be closed on January 12, 2011

Boston Deportation Defense Lawyer News Boston Immigration Court, USCIS Boston District Office and other immigration agencies in and around Massachusetts, which are listed below, have announced closures tomorrow, January 12, 2011. Any scheduled appointments/appearances are canceled. Also, USCIS immigration office closures include the ASC fingerprint appointments as well. READ MORE

deportation cases in Boston immigration Court face long delays

As a Boston-based immigration lawyer specializing in deportation defense, I'm well aware of the Boston Globe reported today here. The docket in Boston Immigration Court is overwhelmed with deportation cases. So, based on this article, if you are in deportation proceedings, how long can you expect to wait before Boston Immigration Court processes your immigration case? The answer depends on a number of factors. People with no relief from removal or deportation tend to have their cases processed more quickly. The long delays mostly impact people who have application for relief such as cancellation of removal, adjustment of status, or asylum. READ MORE

“What is the phone number for Immigration in Boston?” An immigration lawyer answers

Boston Deportation Defense Lawyer As an immigration lawyer in Boston, I'm often asked if I know the phone number for Immigration in Boston, Massachusetts? If you have a pending green card application or citizenship cases and you live in the Boston, Massachusetts-area, surely U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has a local phone number that you could call to inquire as to the status of your immigration case, right? READ MORE

Immigration Court practice tips

Deportation Defense Boston Massachusetts I will be hosting an upcoming brown bag lunch for immigration attorneys who are members of the New England Chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA). The topic will be deportation defense and Immigration Court practice. Before hosting this brown bag lunch, AILA lawyers will take a tour of Boston's Immigration Court with EOIR Court Administrator Robert Halpin. At the lunch, bring your questions about cases in Immigration Court. READ MORE

Green Cards under the Cuban Adjustment Act: Tips from a Boston Immigration Lawyer

Deportation Defense Tips for Boston Immigration Court Yesterday I went to Boston District Office of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for a green card interview for an immigration client from Cuba who filed his I-485 so that he could get a green card under the Cuban Adjustment Act. Today, I'd like to share some insights I've gained into how to prepare an adjustment of status application under the Cuban Adjustment Act. READ MORE

If you entered the U.S. without inspection, your path to a green card is limited. A Boston immigration lawyer explains

Boston, MA Deportation Defense Attorney As an immigration lawyer, I frequently meet with people who have entered the United States without a visa or without being inspected by an immigration officer at an airport or border. Such people have sneaked their way into the United States and now they seek a green card or some other legal status. We immigration lawyers refer to this class of people as EWIs (entry without inspection). What immigration options are available to someone who has no proof of being properly admitted and inspected upon entry into the U.S.? READ MORE

Boston Immigration Judge Francis L. Cramer Retires

Boston Immigration Lawyer News Immigration Judge Francis L. Cramer has announced his retirement from Boston Immigration Court. As an immigration lawyer who appeared frequently before Immigration Judge Cramer, I can say that he will be sorely missed. He had a reputation for deciding deportation cases fairly and impartially. And he always treated the immigration lawyers and parties with great respect, at times, a lighthearted humor. His departure leaves a vacancy in the Boston Immigration Court bench that will be hard to fill. READ MORE

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