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Man Convicted For Unlawful Procurement of Citizenship

A Pakistani man who now resides in Columbus, Ohio, was convicted last month (in January of 2016) of unlawful procurement of U.S. citizenship by a United States District Court jury. The charges assessed accused the man, one Maqsood Haroon, age 41, of making false statements throughout the naturalization process. Fraudulent Statements Made As stated above,... READ MORE

Citizenship: Why appealing the denial of your N-400 might be a bad strategy

Boston Citizenship Lawyer If you want to appeal the denial of your naturalization application, I might recommend that you not do this. Let me explain why. First some background: if you apply for naturalization by filing Form N-400 and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) denied your application, you should receive a written denial letter explaining why your application was not approved. Along with this denial letter, you should also receive Form N-336, allowing you to request a hearing on the denial of your naturalization application. The N-336 effectively serves as an appeal since it allows you to seek an administrative review of the denial. READ MORE