Boston Immigration News Update

For workers in skilled labor industries, Boston immigration is an issue close to their hearts, as it affects their status in the community as well as their means of livelihood. With the recent reforms in immigration law, things are on a course of change that will make it easier for skilled labor to get jobs and be active members of the community.

As per the Secure Communities program under Boston immigration law, the local law departments can arrest immigrants on suspicion or minor offenses and detain them for up to 48 hours after their arrest. The Secure Communities program has faced a lot of criticism from various organizations for following reasons:

  • This program makes immigrants fear local law enforcement agencies
  • Immigrants are less likely to report crimes for fear of their own deportation
  • Immigrants can’t live and work legally in the community because of this program
  • This program drains the resources of the local law enforcement

What Does the Trust Act Mean for Skilled Labor in Boston

Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh recently announced that he will sign the Trust Act ordinance once the council passes the act. This change in the Boston immigration law will have positive effects and will create new opportunities for people who want to support the community in all manners. For those who want to better understand the outcomes of the trust act, a local immigration lawyer can explain the how deeply the Trust Act will affect immigrants. Some of the positive outcomes of the Trust Act are:

  • It will make the immigrant community feel more safe and secure
  • It will lead to increased reporting of any crimes in society
  • It will lead to fewer deportations
  • Unless they are convicted of serious crimes, the police will not detain immigrants
  • It will limit the ICE’s hold on local law enforcement

How an Immigration Lawyer Can Help With Boston Immigration

Immigration is a complex process, and being an illegal immigrant is a source of constant worry and fear. But with the help of a professional immigration lawyer, immigrants can not only file for permanent residency, but can also know their rights as immigrants. In some cases, the first consultation with a lawyer is free of charge, and it is easy to find local immigration attorneys and set up an appointment. Here are some reasons why you should hire the services of an immigration lawyer:

  • A lawyer will know and understand the local immigration laws
  • A lawyer can help a person in preparing all documents to apply for residency
  • A lawyer can inform immigrants of all their rights in this country
  • A lawyer can increase your chances of getting permanent residency

If you want to convert your immigrant status to that of a permanent resident, contact us, your local immigration lawyer to help you with Boston immigration.

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