Boston Immigration Court Schedule

As an immigration lawyer In Boston focusing on deportation defense, I know that each our Immigration Judges has a particular reputation and perspective.  The Immigration Judge to which your deportation case is assigned will have a great bearing on how your case is handled as well as the ultimate outcome. Immigration Court in Boston currently has the following six Immigration Judges:

Matthew J. D’Angelo
Leonard I. Shapiro
Paul M. Gagnon
Robin E. Feder
Eliza C. Klein
Francis L. Cramer

Boston Immigration Court – Schedule of Non-Detained Master Calendar Hearings:  To figure out which Boston Immigration Judge will be handling your deportation case, (assuming you a not detained) use the following schedule for master calendar hearings (FYI:  your first appearance is called a master calendar hearings):

Matthew J. D’Angelo – Wednesday morning
Leonard I. Shapiro – Wednesday afternoon
Paul M. Gagnon – Tuesday morning
Robin E. Feder – Tuesday morning
Eliza C. Klein – Thursday morning
Francis L. Cramer – Tuesday afternoon

Boston Immigration Court – Schedule of Detained Master Calendar Hearings:  For deportation cases in which the foreign national is detained by the Department of Homeland Security or U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement, the following is the schedule of master calendar hearings or bond hearings in Boston Immigration Court:

Matthew J. D’Angelo – Tuesday afternoon
Leonard I. Shapiro – Thursday morning
Paul M. Gagnon – Wednesday morning
Robin E. Feder – Monday morning
Eliza C. Klein – Monday afternoon
Francis L. Cramer – Wednesday afternoon

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