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The process of applying for immigration status in the U.S. can be stressful and many foreign nationals worry about their petitions being rejected. Unfortunately, denials on immigration or visa applications are common in the American judicial system. These rejections could result in a person being forced to remain in their home country. If waiting for an extension on a visa, for instance, they might be stuck in limbo. In other cases, individuals who are currently in the country might face arrest or deportation after receiving a rejected application from Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).
Thankfully, most people who receive a denial concerning an immigration matter can fight back by appealing the decision. Submitting and navigating an appeal can be legally complex, but a seasoned immigration attorney could provide valuable assistance. A Boston immigration appeals lawyer could figure out why your application was denied, identify your next steps, and fight to represent your best interests in court.

Why Might USCIS Deny an Immigration Petition?

Every petition requesting a change in immigration status must contain complete and accurate info about the foreign national applying. This includes personal information, data about the person’s life in their home country, and the nature of their current residency in the U.S. Failure to provide proper information in an application is the most common reason for a denial. However, FBI background checks that reveal concerning information about an applicant’s past or current life might also lead to a firm rejection.

Determining the reason for a denial is a crucial and integral part of the appeals process. If a foreign national is confused about why USCIS rejected their request to adjust immigration status, a tenacious attorney in Boston could take the lead in evaluating a denial letter and explaining how to appeal the decision.

Choosing the Right Appeals Board

It is important to note that a couple different departments are responsible for handling immigration appeals. The proper agency to seek an appeal from depends on an immigrant’s circumstances. Unfortunately, foreign nationals only have 30 days to request an appeal after their application is rejected. Therefore, determining which office to contact is key. Choosing the wrong forum could greatly impact an immigrant’s future.

Most people will need to file their request with the Administrative Appeals Office (AAO). This department handles denied employment visas requests, rejected applications for temporary protected status, and discarded petitions for adjustment of status.

The other body in charge of handling requests to reconsider an application is the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA). This agency reexamines deportation findings or cases where people want to obtain a green card for a relative.

Regardless of the board in charge of hearing a particular appeal, it is important to prepare the right legal documentation, compile solid evidence, and make coherent legal arguments. A skilled attorney in Boston could help with all of these aspects, to strengthen the impact of a client’s immigration appeal.

Reach Out to a Boston Immigration Appeals Attorney Today

Receiving a denial on an immigration application can be incredibly disheartening. Fortunately, anyone in this situation is usually able to make an appeal. The exact process required to do so differs based on an immigrant’s circumstances, which means that consulting a legal representative is key.

A Boston immigration appeals lawyer could help you move your case forward. They could quickly determine the reason for a denial, submit new evidence to the relevant appeals board, and help you protect your future interests. If you learned that your application was denied, you only have 30 days to act. Call the office today to get started on your case.