Boston Deportation Protest News

Recently, a peaceful protest was held outside Suffolk County House of Corrections by national anti-deportation campaign, Not One More. Around 150-200 protesters gathered outside the House of Corrections to protest against the immigration law and government’s deportation policies.

The protest was held in a peaceful manner as protesters stood in front of the facility’s doors, locked arms, and didn’t move from there until they were forcibly removed by the police. With the immigration law in place, it has always been difficult for immigrants to get jobs, medical care, and get better salaries. The protest was an appeal to President Obama to stop the incarceration and deportation program. It is estimated that by April 2013, more than two million people were deported under the Obama administration. Here are some of the points to note from the protests:

  • 19 activists were arrested at the protests
  • A protest hunger strike was also held the detention center in October, 2013
  • Indefinite detention and poor conditions are major issues at the detention center
  • The protests are part of a national campaign to put a stop to deportations
  • Most of the people about to be deported were incarcerated on minor charges

Issues Faced by Immigrants Under Boston Immigration Laws

Immigrants face an abundance of issues ranging from social to economical when they come to America to make a living. Whether it is getting a license or getting an education, they have trouble in all areas if they do not have the required paperwork.

There are several organizations that help immigrants, and having a skilled immigration lawyer by their side can help them in making sense of the paperwork to get a citizenship. For skilled labor, having the right paperwork can aid greatly in getting employment as well as work associated benefits, such as medical and insurance.

There are several lawyers who specialize in providing immigration help to skilled labor and they can guide clients through the whole process of immigration and help them in becoming a legal U.S. citizen. Here are some of the reasons why hiring an immigration lawyer is essential for Boston immigration.

  • An immigration lawyer understands the common client concerns regarding immigration
  • An immigration lawyer can help you in getting all the required paperwork
  • An immigration lawyer can offer you all the information about immigration law

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